New Life for Paper Bag Puppets

The Fandango movie ticket ads have breathed new life into the old paper bag puppet. I love it when some creative genius takes a mundane thing that’s been around for ages and makes me sit up and take notice of it again. The beauty of the puppets is that they are engaging, and yet are entirely low-tech. There is nothing more humble than a paper bag puppet. When I see one of these ads, I want to run right home after the movie and make a funny puppet with pasta hair and real jewelry. I’ve never done it, but after … Continue reading

Snowmageddon Fun

Stop the presses! Snow has fallen in New York City. Okay, 19 inches is a lot in one day, but when you’ve suffered through a few Wisconsin winters, a foot or two of snow is not “breaking news.” Granted, NYC’s population is 10 times the size as our rural roost, but still, you don’t see this much media coverage when Chicago gets hit hard with the white stuff. Regardless, right now cable TV is saturated with news of the latest Snowmageddon that has paralyzed much of the East Coast. Schools are closed and parents are scrambling to find ways to … Continue reading

A Most Unusual Puppet

I was walking down the hallway past the bathroom when I heard a strange voice. It was a child’s voice that was trying its best to be kind of low and gravelly, and I paused outside the door for a moment to listen. After a minute, I heard the same voice answering. (This time without trying to sound low and gravelly) It was my four year old daughter. I couldn’t understand the words through the door, but I could hear the tone and pace of what was being said. It was clear to me that my daughter’s gravelly voice was … Continue reading

Put On A Puppet Show

One year for Christmas my mother made my children a puppet theatre along with a whole bag full of puppets. My children loved them. (My girls especially loved the princess, unicorn, knight, and dragon). They have spent many rainy and snowy days making up puppet shows that they then present to an audience of one, me. My son’s first puppet-show he wrote himself went something like this: “The little boy went to the zoo. He saw the tiger. The tiger got out of his cage and chased the boy. The boy got away. The zookeeper put the tiger back in … Continue reading