Most Commented On Baby Blogs of 2007

As a means of reviewing the year, I always love to look at the blogs that had the most comments! Sometimes controversial blogs get noticed. Other times it has more to do with a topic of interest. Sometimes a commenter sparks a discussion. Regardless of the reason, these are the blogs that got the most comments in the baby blog in 2007! Is My Baby Gifted? How to Tell Merry Poison Free Christmas Dad’s Weird Things You Should Be Giving Your Baby Soda!! Why Breast Pumping Isn’t a Good Substitute for Breastfeeding Is Swaddling Overrated? Watching T.V. While Breastfeeding Unwanted … Continue reading

Valorie’s Breastfeeding Index

Later today I will post a review of the baby blog of 2007 so why does breastfeeding get its own category? Well, in part as an answer to readers who want to read what I’ve written on breastfeeding. I’ve written so much on breastfeeding at this point that you all have asked for an index of sorts so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s also in part because I’ve become known as the breastfeeding lady. . .guru. . .whatever you want to call it. I’ve been at this breastfeeding business for a long time and many of … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review Aug 20 to Aug 26

If you have reading to catch up on or you’re not sure what you missed in the baby blog, grab a cup of coffee and start here! All the articles from this past week are linked here. August 20 New Moms Beware of Your Painkiller in the Hospital Codeine is somewhat regularly prescribed to mothers who need painkillers after birth due to cesareans or episiotomies. However, the FDA issues a warning this week after a baby has died in the hospital due to a rare genetic mutation in his mother. Apparently the woman was breastfeeding and had been given codeine … Continue reading

Going Back to Work: When the Baby Cries at Daycare

I really think that there is something instinctive in mothers that makes us hate to hear our baby cry so much. Studies have shown that moms experience a rush of hormones when a baby cries inexplicably or is left to cry. Cortisol and even adrenaline rush through us as we seek to comfort our dear little babes. This is in part, why it’s so distressing to leave our baby in the hands of someone else when he is crying and upset. As long as mothers have had to leave their babies in day care, there have been babies who cry … Continue reading

New Moms Beware of Your Painkiller in the Hospital

An infant died this past week because his mother was breastfeeding while taking codeine for her post operative pain after her c-section. Apparently, some women have a genetic make up such that they metabolize codeine super efficiently. What happens is the codeine turns into morphine and because it is metabolized so quickly, you can overdose your baby with the drug in your system. The genetic ability to metabolize codeine in this way is extremely rare, but when it happens it can be fatal. However, the FDA was cautious to say that codeine has been used safely for post birth pain … Continue reading