Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

There’s something irresistible about baby animals, isn’t there? Puppies, kittens, chicks, and more… so innocent, sweet, and cuddly! But for baby animals, some things around your house may be irresistable… and dangerous. It’s best to puppy-proof (or kitten-proof, or whatever animal you have-proof) your home BEFORE the new family member comes home. Even if you don’t get every potential hazard out of the way, you’ll still be ahead of the game! First things first: get a pet’s eye view on the world. That means crouching down — or crawling on your hands and knees — to see what the room … Continue reading

Celebrity Headlines: “High School Musical” Returns and Oprah Gets a New Dog

It was just a matter of time before we were all in this together… again. Disney just announced that it plans to go back to school with “High School Musical 4.” The fourth edition of the cult phenomenon will reportedly begin production later this year and air sometime in 2010. Disney sources say the popular musical will include a few new twists this time around, including the introduction of a new cast of characters and a storyline that will focus on a cross-town school rivalry. Disney execs say they are hoping the new characters will draw a record number of … Continue reading

Most Popular Pet Names of 2008

Around the end of the year (or the start of a new year), it’s not unusual to see lists appear. Popular names for boys and girls are always a favorite… but did you see the lists of popular names for pets? The ten most popular names for dogs and cats were collected by VPI — Veterinary Pet Insurance. The company insures more than four hundred thousand pets around the United States, and scoured their database to find the most popular names for pets in the past year. (Since they only looked at their clients, the lists might be a bit … Continue reading

How to Name Your Pet

This month I’ve focused on adopting dogs, because October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. For anyone who has taken the time to visit a shelter this month and welcome a new dog into their life, “Bravo!” Yet, October isn’t the only time of year pets come into our lives, and dogs aren’t the only types of animals we welcome into our families. No matter when we add to our household or what type of pet we choose, we have to name them. It’s almost as much fun as picking the pet, right? “What’s in a name? That which we … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for Apr 9-15

This week guest blogger Heather Long (whose regular blogs you may have read in Marriage and Fitness) joined Aimee and myself here in the Pets Blog. We covered a lot, so without further ado, here’s what we covered on: Monday, April 9 Unfortunately, I reported the tragedy of the Jacksonville Humane Society burning to the ground after a friend back in Jacksonville emailed to tell me about it. Aimee was chalk full of helpful tips for moving with small/exotic pets. Tuesday, April 10 It’s Prevent Cruelty to Animals Month. Did you get your orange on for ASCPA day to show … Continue reading

I Want A Dog – Part 1

For the past few days, Dylan has been talking a lot about animals. He has not said much about the lions, tigers, monkeys, and other jungle animals that we see in many of the books that we read or the movies that we watch. He seems acutely interested in domestic animals – cats, dogs, cows, and the like. A couple of times, he has asked me to go for a walk or a drive in the afternoon for the specific purpose of finding cows that he can touch. Even though we live in Vermont, many of the farms near us … Continue reading

Vice Dog of the United States

Forget the donkey and the elephant… the Canine Party is heading to Washington D.C. in January 2009! When Barack Obama was on the campaign trail, he promised his daughters a dog. (Win or lose, even!) The First Dog might be a shelter dog, if the Best Friends Network and supporters have their way. But he or she won’t be the only pup hanging around the Oval Office! Vice President-elect Joe Biden picked out the Vice Dog this month: a male German shepherd puppy from a Maryland breeder. The dog was Biden’s campaign trail inspiration — his wife, Jill, taped pictures … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus’ Super Sweet 16

Did you really think that teen queen Miley Cyrus wouldn’t have a blowout bash to mark her 16th year of life? After all, she is competing with far less famous teens featured on MTV’s “Super Sweet 16” and she wouldn’t want a virtual nobody to out do her momentous milestone, right? That’s my thinking anyway when I learned what the “Hannah Montana” star has planned to ring in the big 1-6. For starters, in October Cyrus’ bosses at Disney plan to shut down Disneyland so the birthday girl can “go wild on all the crazy rides” without having to wait … Continue reading

Diary of a Cat Care B&B: The Naming of Cats

The first musical I ever saw on Broadway was Cats — I used to listen to the soundtrack (on vinyl) over and over. There’s a song about the naming of cats that I still can remember the lyrics for: The naming of cats is a difficult matter It isn’t just one of those holiday games… You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter When I tell you a cat must have three different names. The song goes on to say WHY a cat has three different names, including the secret name that they only tell to other … Continue reading