How to Find New Inexpensive Furniture

With the economy in crisis, and everyone struggling to pay for the basics of daily life, such as food, gas and housing, it is hard to justify spending money on furniture. But, whether you are just starting out or are more established, you may find yourself needing to furnish a room or replace furniture items that no longer function in your home. You can often get low cost or free furniture used, but with the recent news about bedbug outbreaks, you just might want to think twice. Bedbugs are hard to eradicate. They can hide in the floor boards, clothing … Continue reading

Working Around the Disadvantages of Wireless Digital Photo Frames

In my previous blog I provided a laundry list of advantages that come with owning a wireless digital photo frame. If you live in a high tech home your wireless digital photo frame likely acts as an extra monitor in addition to your TV, your computer and your cellphone. For about $100 to $200 you not only get a place to view your favorite digital photos, but also if you want to see the weather forecast, the scores from last night’s football game or view how your stocks are doing—presto! You simply press a button on your frame and the … Continue reading

6 Uses for Used Calendars

Don’t throw out that 2007 calendar just yet. It might be 2008, but there is no reason to let something like that go to waste. After you have recorded the dates and other information you want to remember, follow these creative and clever ideas to use that old calendar in a new way. Nearly every calendar has a pretty picture for each month, here are some ideas to use those pictures. They make a fun and creative gift wrap for small packages. You would wrap the same way you would wrap with wrapping paper leaving the date part on the … Continue reading

New Uses for Picture Frames

If you have picture frames available around your house or at the local thrift store, you have a valuable resource and can do many things with them. Read on to find out how you can transform these frames into useful and beautiful items for your home. Why reuse picture frames? Picture frames are very useful and plentiful to the thrift shopper or curb shopper. People buy too many of them for photos and then discard them. The same is true for framed artwork. When people get tired of their inexpensive art, they get rid of it, frame and all. Some … Continue reading

Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (1)

What do you do when you have leftover scrapbook supplies, or supplies that might be a bit outdated or not your scrapping style anymore? Should you just leave them in a drawer, so that someday you might actually be inspired to use them? Maybe. Should you challenge yourself to use at least one per layout until they are all used up? Maybe. No matter what you decide to do, you need to find new uses for those supplies. More than likely, when you purchased them, they cost quite a bit, and tossing them away, is tossing away money. Reusing them … Continue reading

Frugal Things to Do with Coffee Grounds

Wait, don’t throw those used coffee grounds away. There are many things you can do with coffee grounds. Why waste something that can be put to work for you for free? Keep Bugs Away Coffee grounds can be used as a natural way to keep ants and slugs off of your garden plants. Mound up the grounds and form them into a ring around your plants. The bugs won’t cross the ring. Deodorize Dry the grounds first and then place a bowl of them in your refrigerator. The coffee grounds will absorb stray odors from food and keep everything fresh … Continue reading

Creating Chic Artwork

There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on artwork for your home when you can create your own. Top designers do it all of the time. Last Sunday, my family and I were out walking around a local attraction. We wound up in a large and pretty cool tree house. The kids were watching some bees go in and out of a glass and wood hive, and my husband was enjoying the view. The light was just right, so I thought I would snap a photo. Well, at that moment I moved a bit and the … Continue reading

Clever Reuse Ideas

Reusing what you already have around the house can go a long way to saving your money and your resources. if you can reuse just five thing a month into something wanted or needed, well then you can save quite a bit of money. Reusing items can come in all shapes and forms. The practice just requires a little bit of creativity or the sharing of an interesting idea. Here are some clever ideas that I have come across for reusing common items. Parents Magazine featured a reader tip with a very interesting idea. Kim Neu of Philadelphia, Pa, not … Continue reading

Things to Do with Tennis Balls

Used tennis balls are like pennies. They were once valued but are usually discarded. Once tennis balls go flat then they can’t really be used for tennis anymore. They can, however, be used for many other things. So whether you have tennis balls of your own or want to rescue some free tennis balls and put them to good use, you should be able to benefit from the following ideas. You can reuse tennis balls: In the dryer to prevent washed pillows from becoming lumpy and to fluffy up towels, comforters and down coats. In your home to move heavy … Continue reading

What to Do with Vending Machine Bubbles

You know that you are really frugal when you can look at anything at all and find a way to reuse it. one such items that came up recently for me is the plastic vending machine bubble. These are the little plastic cases that hold rings, tattoos, erasers, cheap jewelry, bouncy balls and other little toys that can be had from a vending machine. Now, what am I doing talking about buying little overpriced things that cost 50 cents or more these days? Well, I am not actually talking about purchasing these bubble-filled toys, but actually just reusing the bubbles. … Continue reading