Thoughts on Marriage and Monogamy

As I was writing What You Might Not Have Known About Affairs, I got to wondering: If we’re not programmed to be monogamous, why do we try to be? (As part of my research for that piece I was surprised to learn that monogamy is not the norm for 97 percent of most mammals, including humans.) Something else I learned while researching another article, Affairs and STDs, was that as many as 60% of marriages could suffer a cheating spouse. At first I thought as high as 60% seemed ridiculous –-until I learned about how humans are not monogamous beings … Continue reading

Get Creative and Get the Spice Back in Your Marriage

As the saying goes, “Creativity is the spice of life!” A little creativity can also spice up your marriage!It is so easy to allow ourselves to get into a rut when it comes to our relationship with our spouse. Remember when you first started dating? The excitement you felt when his hand brushed yours or the anticipation you experienced just before he kissed you? What a wonderful and powerful feeling. Sure, over time those butterflies and adrenaline rushes calm a bit but they don’t have to die completely. Think back to those beginning days in your relationship. What interactions with … Continue reading

To Commit or Not to Commit

Is it fair to ask someone to make a choice? Is it fair to say, if you’re committed to me, you can’t maintain your relationship with the someone else? The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. When you make the decision to commit to a relationship, you cannot keep your toe in the water of another relationship because you are still nursing feelings for your ex. So if the person you are involved with wants that commitment, but you are not ready to make it – then it’s time for the two of you … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review: November 11-17

Is it really Saturday already? It seems kind of crazy that we’re already here, when I was just writing up the week in review last week. But here we are. It’s been an eventful week here at the marriage blog as we approach our first anniversary, we also crossed the 1,000th post line and Sherry and I continued our point and counterpoint in Marriage Debates. You’ll see changes taking place over the next week as we close in on Thanksgiving with a little re-organization and the adding of topics here and there. As always, we want to hear from you … Continue reading

No Longer Attracted to Your Spouse?

Sex is no doubt a very important part of marriage; but it is just that—a part. As some people come to a dry spell in their relationship not finding their spouse as appealing sexually as they once had, the temptations of extramarital affairs might come to mind, divorce, resentment and blame, or even depression. It’s important to reel yourself back to the heart of marriage which hopefully wasn’t based solely on sexual attraction but on genuine love and devotion. My hope too is that you are married to your very best friend and meant every single word of your marriage … Continue reading

50 First Dates – A Great Sunday Afternoon Treat

It’s Father’s Day, so many of us will be doing fun stuff with our spouses. My daughter is going to take my husband out to see Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties because the two of them love Garfield and she’s saved up the money to take him to the movies. This afternoon, however, when she is napping, we’re going to pop in the movie 50 First Dates (his idea, believe it or not!). So why is 50 First Dates a great movie for a Sunday afternoon? First of all, do an Adam Sandler double feature of The Longest Yard … Continue reading

When Is It Emotional Cheating?

Last time I wrote about the importance of our friends, how they’re still so necessary even when we’re married.  I said that we can get some things from our friends that we can’t from our spouses.  That can be anything from goofy times, to a chance to talk about our relationship/our spouse (not bad mouth, but just to talk), to even filling some emotional needs. Now, I realize that this could be a dangerous line.  Emotional cheating is very real, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.  So today I wanted to point out the difference between having some … Continue reading

“Jon and Kate Plus 8”: Misery Loves Company

Does it ever… If you tuned into watch the Gosselin’s martial meltdown of TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8” on Monday night you weren’t alone. According to reports, the season premiere of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” was watched by a record breaking 9.8 million people. To put that number into perspective consider that the premiere of ABC’s “Lost” attracted just over 7 million viewers. The number is also on par with the finale of “Sex and the City,” which aired five years ago. The ratings for Monday’s “Jon and Kate” were the highest in TLC’s history. Not only did … Continue reading

Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat” Controversy

Last week Oprah did a show called “How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat Part 2.” I don’t know if she had the “Part 2” planned or not. From the previews it kind of sounded like they did it in response to all of the responses Part 1 generated. It was the previews that caught my attention. Since I wasn’t going to be able to watch the show when it aired, I recorded it. Saturday while Wayne and I were hanging out to nurse Murph, he was flipping through our recorded programs on the DVR and saw the Oprah … Continue reading

Physical Effects on a Marriage

My last couple of articles have discussed some factors that can effect a marriage. The first factor that I discussed was material items. A lacking of things that a couple desires can cause stress on a marriage. The second factor was emotional. Having an emotional and with your partner is very important. This article also talked about emotional and mental abuse. In this article I will examine the effect of the physical factor. Most people understand that love and relationships cannot be purely based on physical terms. True relationships must go much deeper than the outside characteristics. Love is not … Continue reading