Obama Goes Abroad

Obama went abroad today, arriving in Afghanistan which is the first stop on a Middle East and European tour. This marks the first time the presidential hopeful has visited the Middle East during his campaign. The objective of this trip? To shore up his foreign policy objectives. Foreign Policy Foreign policy is Barack Obama’s weak point. At least McCain has fought in wars, and is involved enough in the military to ‘get it’. Or at least that’s what we think according to recent polls. While Obama leads in every other area of the election, he trails McCain on questions of … Continue reading

Celebs at the Democratic Convention

Yesterday was the official kickoff of the Democratic National Convention in Colorado and the celebs turned out to support the party. Singer Sheryl Crow dedicated the song “Strong Enough” to presidential hopeful Barack Obama at last night’s concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. She changed the lyrics to fit the occasion, singing “Are you strong enough to my man, or my president?” Crow told the Associated Press before the concert that she felt the Republican Party was responsible for the celebrity tag attached to Obama’s name, but said “I have yet to see him at any celebrity events.” Another musician on … Continue reading

Politicians and the Media Coverage Game

Obama is in Iraq. McCain is at the Yankees game. Obama is talking to world leaders. McCain is having a party for his good buddy Mitt Romney. This is the media coverage of McCain over the past few days. Now all of the sudden, McCain’s campaign is claiming that Obama is the media darling. (But of course McCain didn’t say that because McCain and Obama never do the dirty work. Their aids said that.) McCain says that Obama being in Iraq right now does nothing to distract the media from his campaign. (I wonder what planet he’s on?) McCain’s Diabolical … Continue reading

McCain and His New Buddy Mitt

Not too long ago, they were trading jabs during the primaries. They are sharply divided on several issues and yet, McCain just held a social event at his ranch in Arizona in honor of the Romneys. Since the primaries, Romney has been a noted supporter and surrogate for McCain waxing eloquent on economics (something they sharply disagreed over during the primaries) as well as other issues. He is known as speaking well on McCain’s behalf. More importantly, Romney is the first name that has been seriously rumored as a potential Veep. Strange Bedfellows? It may seem strange to have fought … Continue reading