An Interview With A Seasoned Mom of Twins (Plus One)

Today I have a special interview with a mom of preschool twins and a baby. Lulu from Chicagoland has been a stay at home mom for five years and was gracious enough to take a break from her busy routine (at 10:30pm no less) to answer some questions about the differences between raising twins and a singleton. KN: Which was harder, being 8 months pregnant with twins or 9 months pregnant with your baby? Lulu: Definitely 9 months pregnant with the baby. KN: Really? Lulu: Yes, because being pregnant with the twins, I was on bed rest and didn’t have … Continue reading

Activities for Your Baby–Introduction

Recently in the forums, someone asked about what types of activities she could do with her twins who are still under the 3 month mark. Many of us seasoned moms said just taking them out, talking to them, singing to them etc. would be sufficient. Let me say first that I absolutely agree with just trying to incorporate as much interaction as possible into your day. However, this mom has twins and I know first hand that it’s a little difficult to interact with both of them at the same time in the same way you do with a singleton. … Continue reading

Gift Giving for Twins at Christmas

I realize that most of my readers don’t have twins or multiples. But since I do, I feel compelled every once in awhile to write something specifically geared towards those families! Christmas time, at least for us, has presented a unique set of challenges for the twins. Our girls’ were six months old for their first Christmas–hardly at an age where gift giving really mattered. If people had given the wrapped empty boxes they would’ve been equally happy. In fact, based on my experience with five children, I would venture to say that if your child is younger than about … Continue reading

That Twin Thing: Introduction

First of all, let me offer a big thanks to Kori and Myra for letting me share my experiences on raising multiples with you here. I hope to visit here regularly to offer my own insights on raising twins (because yes, it is different than raising singleton siblings), as well as share research on multiples and other interesting news! Generally I blog in baby, (as well as food, and home schooling) and have actually written quite a few things about having multiples in the infancy stage. But we are now at a very old 30 months and are slowly growing … Continue reading

Unwanted Breastfeeding Advice: My Spare Breast

This blog is inspired by two happenings. The first is a thread in the forums about us poor moms who endure countless quips about when the baby will start formula, how we have to supplement or various other myths about breastfeeding. The second happening is my own unwanted breastfeeding advice wrought down upon me by my daughter falling down the stairs and sustaining a large goose egg on the forehead. . .but let me back up. One of the twins fell down the stairs this weekend. As is my custom when my children are hurt like this, I proceeded to … Continue reading

Why the US Infant Mortality Rate is So High

In case you hadn’t heard, the US has the second highest infant mortality rate among the developed nations. If you’re thinking our health care system stinks and that’s why so many babies are dying. . .think again. While certainly universal access to health care (or lack thereof) does have an influence on whether or not mothers get adequate prenatal care, the reality is that the United States pushes the boundaries on what can be done in both fertility and neonatal medicine. Just to be clear: infant mortality means that a baby was outside of the womb, took at least one … Continue reading

Babies in the News: Identical Triplets Are Born

A British woman gave birth to identical triplets in Austria. The triplets were conceived naturally and the chances of identical triplets forming are about one in two hundred million! What is especially rare in this situation is that all three are identical. In the world of natural conception, triplets generally form when just one egg out of two fertilized eggs, splits into two forming one set of identical twins and then a third fraternal sibling. Not that triplets naturally conceived in and of themselves are common at all. Although the babies were born at 32 weeks, they each weighed a … Continue reading

Which One is the Aggressive One?

Or insert any other adjective instead of aggressive. Which one is the shy, mean, nice, one? As a mother of twins I hate this question. It necessarily confines me to label one or the other. Equally annoying however, is the tendency to assume that if one is one way, the other must be the opposite. For example, the girls were recently watched and someone asked which one was the aggressive one? That would be Emily. Hands down–Emily is aggressive. She likes to play physically and is most happy being tossed through the air or wrestled to the ground. She instigates … Continue reading

Twins: To Dress Alike or Not

One of the first decisions I made when I found out I was pregnant with twins was that I was never going to dress my girls alike. It was important to me for them to establish their own identities, and I believed dressing them differently would help to begin the process. Than came the baby shower. Every gift I received contained two matching items from blankets and sleepers to hats and dresses. They were all adorable. I caved a little. I thought that I could use the outfits on the babies on separate days, but then thought it would be … Continue reading

So You Just Found Out You’re Having Twins (or More)!

There we were, all five of us: me, my husband, and our three children. We were ready to get our first glimpse of what we thought would be the newest addition to the family. The technician turned on the screen, did a few quick scans and immediately my husband and I looked at each other. She asked me if this was my first sonogram for the pregnancy and quickly turned off the screen. I’m not a big fan of getting multiple sonograms throughout pregnancy and so at 24 weeks, it was late for a diagnosis of this nature. She quickly … Continue reading