The Pets Blog Week in Review for Feb 12-18

Love was in the air with Valentine’s Day being the highlight event of last week, and Aimee and myself found a lot of stories with love as their theme to include in the Pets Blog last week… Monday, February 12 The pet industry is booming these days thanks to the millions of pet owners lavishing love on their pets every way they know how. But Aimee shows us that Memorializing Your Pet Becomes Big Business after they pass too, and she shares ways we can keep our dearly departed pets’ memories alive. The theme of loving animals (and learning from … Continue reading

On Koalas, Dogs, and Writing: An Interview with Author Lee Barwood

I’ve interviewed a couple of authors now. Besides the fact that many base animal characters on their own pets, or that animals influence their writing as a career choice in some way, they all have something else in common too: a deep sense of reverence, tenderness, and love for their pets that only an animal can elicit. Lee Barwood is no exception. And perhaps she sums it up best in her answer to my question about whether animals factor into her fiction writing. “I think we’ve gotten too far removed from animals in modern life,” she says. “and if we … Continue reading