Three Misconceptions that Can Affect Your Marriage

There are many misconceptions that people embrace, especially when it comes to marriage, especially new marriages. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking things should automatically be a certain way when two people are in love. It doesn’t always work like that. Here are three misconceptions that can have an impact on your marriage: Love Conquers All Love can do a lot of things, and it even has some healing properties, but love does not conquer all. Things can happen that will come between even the most loving couples. The fact that two people love each other isn’t always … Continue reading

Marriage The Week in Review – September 30 – October 6

Welcome to Saturday morning and I hope you had a good night’s sleep and a great weekend of activity and relaxation in front of you. October is off to a roaring start here at the Marriage Blog with articles being picked up and commented on in other blogs and more. So without further ado, let’s dive into our week in review. Saturday, September 30th Sherry discussed Duane and Beth Chapman: For Better or Worse about the Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife and their relationship as they work together to track down and bring back criminals and bail jumpers. … Continue reading

Loving an Angry Man

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with my husband early in our relationship regarding his anger issues. I was trying to ascertain whether or not he understood the impact his volatile temper had on his personal and professional life. When I realized that he didn’t necessarily consider his anger a negative attribute, I asked him, “How do you figure your temper helps you?” His answer was swift and decisive: “People are afraid of me, so they usually do what I want.” He was a little slower in answering my next question: “And how does it hurt you?” Like most … Continue reading

Is it Marital Bliss or Denial?

There are times when marriage can be a perfectly blissful experience. Such magical moments are to be treasured, because too often, they are short-lived. Life has a way of interrupting those serene and special times. Most of us can deal with these facts and simply look forward to the next beautiful moment, while dealing with demands that come our way. However, there are some couples that live in denial and paint a picture of a perfectly peaceful and blissful experience. It simply isn’t possible. No relationship with another human being will ever be perfect, because we are not perfect. It’s … Continue reading

Respecting Each Other’s Views

Clearly, you and your spouse are not going to agree on everything. You may even be rather shocked at times to learn how your husband or wife feels about a particular issue. If it is something the two of you have never really discussed, you may have assumed that he or she felt the same way you do concerning the matter. This happens often in new relationships, because you simply cannot discuss every issue known to man. However, it does help to talk about those issues that are very important to you before getting deeply involved, and especially before getting … Continue reading

Update: Lost Rings and Other Things

No, unfortunately, I didn’t find the stone for my engagement ring. It’s not looking good. I did find that the dread was much worse than the actual event of informing my husband about the situation. When he called, I tried to tell him what happened. Well, I tried to ease into by bringing up the fact that he had previously talked about trading my ring in on a new one. I’m sure he was curious as to why I was bringing that up, but his cell phone dropped the signal in the middle of the call. When he called back, … Continue reading

What Did You Expect?

What did you expect marriage to be like? You probably imagined what your wedding day would be like. Maybe your wedding was a dream come true, but has your marriage been what you thought it would be? For some couples, marriage is more than they ever hoped for or dreamed it could be. For others, it’s not even remotely the way they planned it. One of the reasons married life can be a shock for some is because they go into it with unrealistic expectations. For me, it’s actually been a little of both. It’s better in some ways than … Continue reading

Traveling Spouses and Stress

If you go into marriage knowing that your spouse will be gone often, it may be a bit easier to deal with, although it can still be stressful. However, when you start out doing everything together, and then your spouse’s new job takes him or her away often, it can be incredibly difficult to adjust. I know from experience. I barely slept at all the first time my husband had to take a trip. Even now, when he’s home for a long time in between trips, I get used to him being here. It makes me miss him even more … Continue reading