Purchasing electronics online – Coupon sites

Coupon sites offer online coupons or codes that can provide you with large savings over street prices. Coupons can be used at specific online retailers when checking out. The coupons are usually a string of letters and numbers that you can either type or cut and paste into your shopping basket at your favorite retailer. Some coupon sites are more difficult to navigate than others, but if you spend a few extra minutes searching, you’ll probably find a coupon or two worth using with your next online purchase. This is part of a series of blogs covering online electronics retailers. … Continue reading

Purchasing electronics online – Closeout sites

Closeout sites sometimes offer great prices on great products, but you’ll probably have to look hard to find them. Products on closeouts sites are often refurbished, which means they have been returned by customers and fixed by manufacturers for resale. If you know the product you’re looking for and an estimate of how much it should cost, you may be able to find good deals using closeout sites. I’ll review two of the better closeout sites here today. This is part of a series of blogs covering online electronics retailers. Take a look at a few reviews of comparison sites … Continue reading

Purchasing electronics – Storefronts part 2

Where should you buy your electronics? Yesterday, we reviewed Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, and Circuit City in hope of answering that question. Today, we’ll review three more electronics retailers to help you find the best product for the right prices. Next week we’ll begin reviewing some of the popular online electronics stores. ● Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart is second in yearly electronics sales only to Best Buy, though it lags a distant second. Wal-Mart specializes in comparably inexpensive products, though you won’t find the selection that electronics specialty stores like Best Buy or Circuit City will provide you. Typically, Wal-Mart sale’s … Continue reading

Tips for purchasing electronics

How do you shop for electronics? Some simply go to their favorite electronics store or Web site, browse the electronics and computer selection, and buy whatever they are looking for. Others spend days and weeks researching the best product for the best price. Regardless if you fall into either of these categories or anywhere in between, I hope to give a few simple tips to help make your electronics shopping a little easier on you and your wallet. Over the next few days I’ll give be giving tips and reviews of online and storefront electronics retailers. ● Check weekly ads … Continue reading