79 Animal Rights, Welfare, and Service Organizations Worthy of Your Donations

Using ratings generated by Charity Navigator and the American Institute of Philanthropy, I’ve compiled a list of the top-rated animal rights, welfare, and service-related charities. These are ones that scored either four stars from Charity Navigator (their highest rating) or As from the American Institute of Philanthropy. Charity Navigator and the American Institute of Philanthropy evaluate “the financial health” of non-profit organizations to determine which ones are using their money most effectively. What this means to you is that you can rest assured your donation dollars are being well utilized for the cause they were intended. Charities are listed in … Continue reading

Charity Giving

‘Tis the season for charity giving…. Fa, la la la la… Whatever your religion, the holidays are the time of year that charities receive the most donations. These months can truly make or break their budgets. Whether they are a good charity or bad, the fundraising department is on high gear during this time. Donating is a necessary part of a healthy society, but how do you know who should receive a piece of your limited budget? There are a few key points to remember before you hand over your holiday donation. 1. If the donation is to someone in … Continue reading

Donate and Get a Tax Break

Count up those donations and get a tax break! With the Fiscal Cliff looming in 2013, families much do as much as we can to cut our taxes in 2012. Donations and charitable contributions are one way to do just that. Make sure that you make your donations the right way, or you may lose out on valuable deductions. I know December is busy, but if you can take a few hours out of the afternoon for a day or two to collect and deliver donations, you’ll start the new year off with a little financial kickstart, and chances are … Continue reading

Start Donating Young

To get your kids in the giving spirit, start teaching them to donate at a young age. Kids naturally want it all for themselves, so by teaching them to give to those in need – they also learn a valuable life lesson. The first step is to find a charity or cause that holds special meaning for your child. Who they give to and how much they give isn’t as important as finding value in the process. If your daughter loves animals, consider donating to the local Humane Society. If your son wants to be a firefighter, donate to your … Continue reading

Tips for Giving Away your Money

People get confused about giving when you are on a budget. During the last string of devastating hurricanes, it came to light in the news that the majority of givers – donators to various causes, are regular people with low to middle class incomes. Not the rich guys with bundles to spare. Giving helps the one who gives. It is one of those strange phenomenons – that giving actually helps your heart, making it stretch. When you give to others you can see the good in humanity and feel part of a bigger world. It is all about you baby! … Continue reading

Kindness Wedding Planning Tips

We talked about the kindness trend in wedding planning earlier today and I’ve discussed the idea of registering to give in an earlier article. The idea of asking for donations to favorite charities and more is a growing devotional for many couples who are planning their weddings. If you are looking for some ideas and tips to incorporate kindness into your wedding – here are a few ideas: As suggested in Registering to Give; Rather than Receive ask your wedding guests to make contributions to a favorite charity or chosen cause that is important to you or important to them. … Continue reading

Top Ten Resources for Charitable Giving, Part II

Here are seven more excellent resources, continued from Part I. 4. Operation Christmas Child This organization offers you a way to send a gift as well as the message of Jesus to children in need overseas. You simply fill a shoebox with goodies, gifts, supplies, your message, and your gift will be sent. 5. Groups for our Troops Speaking of overseas, please see “Don’t Forget the Troops during the Holidays” for links to three well-regarded groups that help provide care packages to our troops. Please note that packages do take a while to reach distant destinations, so you’ll need to … Continue reading