Cookie-Scented Ad Campaign Crumbles

You’re familiar with the “Got Milk?” campaign, right? Well, here’s a story about an ingenious twist on the campaign that just got dunked for reasons that made me shake my head (see if your head wags after you read why). The new marketing campaign to promote milk included outfitting five San Francisco bus shelters with cookie-scented cardboard strips at a cost of about $30 per shelter. Basically, scented oils were sandwiched between cardboard cards emblazoned with “Got Milk?” and affixed to shelter walls, in hopes that the smell of just-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies would spark cravings for milk. The creator … Continue reading

Mango—Popular In Many Cultures

I grew up in Hawaii where mangoes are so plentiful you could be standing at a bus stop and actually reach up and grab a few to take on your ride. Mango is a fruit that is not only popular in Hawaii, but also in Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa, South-East Asia, Australia, and right here in the continental U.S. (especially in Florida, New Mexico and California). We could all benefit from a little multicultural thinking, so here are some mango recipes that are culled from different regions around the world. The recipes are simple and… simply delicious. Salad of the … Continue reading