Organize a Neighborhood Garage Sale

Shopping and holding garage sales can be very frugal. But when you organize your garage sale into a neighborhood or multi-family sale, your tightwad ways can really pay off. It is a great time in our country to organize a neighborhood garage sale. Many people are newly discovering frugality and living simply, which means that more people are willing to get rid of excess possessions at garage sales or pick up new purchases second hand instead of running to the store. Having a neighborhood garage sale can pay off in a number of ways. First of all, it makes the … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Supply Finds at Garage Sales

Ever the princess of frugal, I am always on the look out for good bargains and deals at garage sales, that I can actually use. I avoid purchasing anything if I don’t have an immediate use for it, or I cannot see the long term benefit of buying it. Recently I have attended many garage sales with scrapbooking supplies, and have been very fortunate to pick up some awesome deals on things I will most definitely use. That seems not only frugal to me, but a fun find as well. I got pretty lucky on the first weekend we attempted … Continue reading

The Recession and Garage Sales

The Memorial Day weekend is the official start to the yard or garage or tag sale season here on much of the east coast. I have gotten some of my very best bargains at Memorial Day weekend garage sales. Folks have spent the last few weeks doing their organizing and spring cleaning, and they are ready to sell their stuff. For my little area of Pennsylvania, the sales should be numerous, since this is the first nice weather that we have had in a week, and everyone should be out and about enjoying it one way or another, including holding … Continue reading

Updating a Garage

Want to make your garage more useful and even more attractive? Whether you want a relaxing place of your own to work, an organized space for your things, or a fun place to play, the following updates are well worth the effort. As a bonus, a nice garage will help raise your property value. Update the garage floor with a custom look. You can do this in one of two ways. First, try an oil-based paint made specifically for concrete floors. It is easy to apply and comes in many different colors. You can also create checkerboards or other patterns. … Continue reading

Organizing and Storing Homeschooling Materials

In Setting Up a Space for Homeschooling, Valorie discusses having a room specifically for homeschooling. I agree with her that having a room specifically for homeschooling would be a wonderful option, if you have room in the house for it. Sadly I don’t, and neither do a lot of other people including her. As she said, just because you have a room designated for homeschooling doesn’t mean you have to do all of your homeschooling in that room. If I had a room for homeschooling, its main purpose would be to have all of our homeschooling items in one place. … Continue reading

Home Staging: Don’t Forget the Garage (and other Stuff)

When staging your home for sale, don’t forget about the garage, basement, utility room, laundry room shed, or closets. While it’s tempting to stuff things into these areas to make the main living spaces look their best, it’s not a good idea. Messy storage areas make buyers think you don’t have enough storage. If possible, try to rent a storage unit until you get your house sold. If you can’t swing it, organize these spaces so that they look neat and efficient. One way to do so quickly and cheaply is to pick up covered storage bins at your favorite … Continue reading

Garage Sale Frustrations: It Has Happened To Me

After Mary Ann’s article a couple of days ago, Yard Sale Frustration: Has This Happened To You?, I decided to answer her question in an article of my own. First, yes Mary Ann, it has happened to me. There is no telling how many sour yard sale days I have been through, but with the amount of yard sales we visit, I am quite certain it has been more than a dozen. I have certainly fallen victim to the whole “multi-family” yard sale scheme a time or two and usually yes, it is either a family who has taken in … Continue reading

Hosting a Children’s Garage Sale

Typically the first place that any one who plans a garage sale looks for goodies, is any area that is frequented by children. Perhaps it’s the playroom or toy room, or maybe its the bedroom, basement or attic. Wherever children’s clothing, toys and books are found, is usually where most garage sale planners start. Why? Because kids items are easy to sell at garage sales. But what about allowing your children to have a sale? After a massive overhaul of our basement area in preparation to put our house on the market, we realized that with the blending of our … Continue reading

Garage Sale Day: When the Sale Doesn’t Happen

We are all faced with a conflict once in awhile, or unforeseen event that prevents us from following through with plans. Sometimes it is out of our control, like the weather. And sometimes it is as simple as someone getting sick or an appointment being scheduled that simply cannot be changed. A rainy day will prevent a garage sale from bringing in sales from most people. And a bitter cold day can also prevent someone from coming out into the cold, rather than staying in the warmth of their home. If you advertise your sale in the paper or around … Continue reading

5 Terrific Advertising Tips for Your Garage Sale

Advertising your garage sale, can be costly, and if you don’t know the proper way to go about it, can be very ineffective. In order to get the best advertising, reach the most people, and have a successful sale, there are some tips that might help. 1. Use Bulletin Boards for free advertising. Many grocery stores, church offices, schools and community centers have bulletin boards, that you are able to post an ad on. If they have a form you must use, be sure to grab one, or find out the rules and regulations to posting an ad on the … Continue reading