Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and it is time for out with the old and that includes your live Christmas tree.  I love live trees because they smell so good, but then there is always the question of what to do with it when you are done. Of course, you could always just put it on the side of the curb for trash pickup, but aren’t there some better, greener solutions? There are! First, many communities are now offering Christmas tree recycling pick-ups.  And, if your community doesn’t offer pick-up, they may at least have a location you can take … Continue reading

Get Your Egg On

With Easter just a few weeks away, now is the time to start thinking about eggs, bunnies and Peeps. Many stores that have been stocking Easter merchandise since the day after Valentine’s Day are offering discounts to early birds. This is great if you are looking to snag money-saving deals on Easter goodies for your spring fling. If you don’t have the funds to go hog wild on Easter Bunny decor, then simply get creative with items you may have around the house. For example: Ice Bunny: Use a bunny-shaped cake pan to create a unique ice sculpture centerpiece to … Continue reading

Winter Birding With Your Preschooler

The air is cold and crisp, but not too crisp. It’s sunny out, and it’s perfect weather for birding. Before we go back to our usual deluge, we’ve been able to spot a lot of birds who cluster around our backyard feeder. We’re intermittent bird feeders in the summer, but winter birds can usually depend on us. My daughter and I love to watch them, especially after the first snowfall comes and the birds leave tiny footprints on the snow. Some of the birds in our area migrate to warmer places for the winter, while others move down from the … Continue reading

Add a Little Nature to Brighten Your Home and Your Mood

When your home is dark and gloomy then chances are that your mood is the same way. Our homes are reflections of ourselves, and then often can determine just how we feel. That is why it is so important to add things to our home that can brighten it up and add to a wonderful sense of comfort and joy. One of the things that can really brighten a home is a commitment to going back to nature. This can be done simply. Treat yourself to some beautiful brightly colored flowers. There has been some research showing that flowers can … Continue reading

How to Have a Campfire in the Backyard

Having a cozy campfire in the backyard is a great way to have a low-cost and fun activity that can be adapted for kids or adults. Have a campfire as a family activity, or invite the neighbors and friends for a nice social gathering. The first thing you need to do when planning to have a campfire in the backyard is to know what the rules are for open burning and campfires in your town. Some areas allow free open burning of organic material (including wood), while others limit the time of year, time of day, the size of the … Continue reading

10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds: Part 4

This morning, the kids and I hunted around the yard for pine cones. We wanted to slather them with peanut butter and roll them in birdseed as a Thanksgiving feast for the birds that visit us. Unfortunately, it looks like the squirrels might have gotten to them all, because there was not a single pine cone to be found, including the one that served outside of one of our fairy houses. Still, there are other ways of attracting the birds. I have been mentioning different fall plants that will work. We are now at the end of this list. Here … Continue reading

10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds: Part 3

Thanks to some of our fall plants and trees, and the inclusion of a large window bird feeder, our view out of our window is not lacking for the number of birds. The little things are always pleasant to watch, and their antics are enjoyable. Did you know that the plants that you add to your landscaping can greatly impact the number and type of birds that visit? If you missed the earlier posts on this topic click here: 10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds and 10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds: Part 2. 5. Perennial Sunflowers This … Continue reading

10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds: Part 2

In my household, the kids are just as excited to watch the birds outside of our dining room window as they are to watch television. I kid you not. Fall is when they put on the very best show. We have a large bird feeder, as well as some plants that tend to attract a colorful array of birdie personalities. In this series, I’ll be sharing some of the best plants (and trees) that attract birds in the fall. If you missed the first post, just click here. 3. Elderberry When I first spotted the elderberry on our property, I … Continue reading

10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds

Now that fall is here, we have been enjoying the cardinals for whom the pine tree outside of our dining room window appears to be particularly comforting. These bright red birds with the black masks are always a treat to enjoy, especially when they show off their colors against the green pine needles or the white winter snow that is sure to fall sometime in the next month or so. If you want to attract cardinals and other birds that may be visiting in the fall, consider providing them with a birdie buffet of all of their favorite plants. These … Continue reading

Home Blog Month in Review: October

As I sit here looking out my window at the backyard, the birds are hovering in the pine tree against a strong wind and steady rain. The temperature is chilly today, and the calendar reminds me that we have left October behind. October 1st Buy a Home for $1.75 It seems that the housing crisis has made some interesting news lately. Home Month in Review: September 2008 Has the weather turned cooler now that September has passed? Pretty soon, it will be time to get that heat turned back on! Meanwhile, check out all of the articles that were posted … Continue reading