Painting Techniques of a Different Stripe

You have probably seen, or maybe even tried, the painting technique of marking off equal width stripes and painting them different colors. Another great look is using the same or a very similar color in different paint finishes to achieve a subtle, striped effect. While these are great ideas, why not bump it up a notch? Instead of just evenly sized, wide stripes, why not mix it up with some narrow stripes or create your own striped pattern? Start by measuring so you know you’ll be able to fit the number of stripes you want on each wall. Mark off … Continue reading

The Color of Comfort, Part I

Is it any wonder that some of our favorite colors tend to be those that are similar in color to our favorite foods? Comfort colors, much like comfort foods, make us feel good. They help make a house a home. There is no scientific value to the following assessment nor is it based on color theory. This is purely about feelings invoked by colors, in my perception. See if you have similar feelings, or feel free to share yours. Orange I was never big on the color orange, at least not the orange found in the box of 8 crayons. … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: July 16 – 22

I hope each of you had a great week and I hope you’re having a safe, fun summer. There’s so much to do around the house, but sometimes it can be hard to get motivated when it’s so nice outside. I know I’d rather be outside playing about half the time, but duty calls! Here’s a list of this week’s topics: On the Scent… Easy Ways to Add More Interest Yes, You Should Call a Home Inspector Painting Techniques of a Different Stripe Vinyl Lettering for the Home Are the Walls Closing In? Home and Garden Question: Washing Machine Odor … Continue reading

Are the Walls Closing In?

A small or dark room, especially one without much natural light or no windows at all, may feel rather claustrophobic. It’s probably not a space you, your family members, or your guests enjoy spending much time in. A woman I know had her basement finished to include a play room for the kids, an extra bathroom, and a guest room. The bathroom had a window, and the playroom had to small vent style windows but the guest room was an interior room due to the layout. Even after painting it a light color and adding more lighting, the space felt … Continue reading