Tips From The Successful

My guess is we all want to know the secrets of a happy lasting marriage. So I’m always on the lookout for stories about and advice from those who have managed this. Today’s stories come from two Aussie couples .Arthur and Nancy Seymour celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary recently, so you’d figure they’d learned a few things along the way nod they have. When asked about their secret to a lasting happy marriage, Arthur said ‘love and tolerance.’ His wife Nancy went on to add that Arthur’s mother had been one who claimed their marriage would never last. They sure … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: October 2008

If you had an October baby, congratulations! I hope that you will spend some time with us here at, as we bring you the latest news and tips for you and your family. Here is the Baby Blog month in review for October. October 1st Insect Repellent and Young Children Protecting my children is the number one priority, but one thing that I tend to avoid is insect repellent. I figure that putting additional chemicals on my kids is not the best idea, that is until now. These days, a mosquito bite is not just an annoyance, but it … Continue reading

Scratch Painting with Preschoolers

Here is a great rainy day activity that you can do with your preschooler. Not only is it fun, but it can be educational, too. Preschoolers can be creative, practice letters and numbers and learn how to hold a pencil. Plus, you’ll have some great artwork to hang on the refrigerator or send to the grandparents. The idea of scratch painting is simple. You start with a blank surface that is usually black, although it doesn’t have to be. Your child takes an implement, such as a stylus or dull pencil (although anything with a bit of an edge or … Continue reading

Three Painting Tips

Painting a room is an easy and affordable way to update it, change the decor and make it fresh. If you change nothing else, a coat or two of paint will be a big improvement for your home. Here are three painting tips to help you in your project. 1. If you get interrupted or have to stop painting for the day before you are finished, don’t bother washing out that paint roller. Instead, wrap the roller carefully and tightly in regular kitchen plastic wrap. Then place the wrapped roller in your freezer. Before painting once again, let the roller … Continue reading

Painting Kitchen Cabinets 2

If you missed the previous article, click here: Painting Kitchen Cabinets. Earlier, I talked about how to prep your kitchen cabinets before painting them. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty about selecting paint, using a roller or a brush, creating a smooth finish and then dressing up the doors and drawers. The kitchen is the most used room in the house. That is why it is so important to achieve the best possible finish on your cabinets. I’ve already mentioned the importance of getting 100 percent acrylic paint that is good quality. Why? Because paint that contains vinyl just … Continue reading

Quick Pantry Design Tips

Having an organized kitchen pantry can make those hectic evenings so much easier. You can just grab what you need for a quick dinner prep. Whether your pantry is large or small, you’ll be able to incorporate the following design tips to build or improve your pantry. The quickest way to build a pantry, other than by purchasing a stand-alone pantry, is to take over an existing closet and then install shelving. One great way to do this is with wire shelving, which is both inexpensive and easy to maintain. The narrow shelves are just right for a reach-in pantry, … Continue reading

Bold Color Tips

Want to try out some bold color choices in your home but not sure where to begin? Bold colors can be intimidating, but these tips will help you make good choices and give you the confidence to take the plunge. Bold colors can help you create your own sense of style, and warm up or brighten up a room. Start out small by painting an accent or drama wall with a bold color, or choose to paint window frames, door casings, moldings and trim with a bold color. Use white for the walls of the room, but make sure to … Continue reading

Easy Paint Clean up Tips

Want to spruce up your home before the holidays? There is almost nothing faster that makes a big impact like a new coat of paint. It looks clean and fresh, no matter what else you do to a room. New paint is the perfect backdrop for all of our holiday decorating. Here at Romansville, I have been trying to get my daughter’s room painted. It isn’t an easy task, since I have two little ones at home all day and another one at school. So I have been taking the painting in stages, literally doing one wall at a time. … Continue reading

Tips On Photographing Your Child’s Masterpieces

Think fast: What color is your refrigerator? If you have mini-Picasso’s living in your home you may have to think about that question for a while. If your frig looks anything like mine you may not even know what color the handle is. My daughter’s artwork covers every millimeter of our refrigerator. And believe me, she knows if even one of her drawings or paintings has been removed. To keep her mosaic masterpiece under control I’ve been forced to get creative. In doing so I have learned that photography is a perfect way to tame the Crayola beast. Here’s how: … Continue reading

Common Sense Tips To Capturing Frame-Worthy Pictures

My last blog entry while helpful (to some) was done a bit tongue-in-cheek. Let’s face it; every person wielding a camera is looking for that one great shot to admire for years to come. Whether it’s a brilliant Hawaiian sunset or your child’s first smile. Pictures are the closest way any of us comes to freezing time. So what can you do to make sure you don’t squander these precious moments? Here are some tips: Stand Still (My blog title didn’t lie–I told you these were common sense tips.) If you are taking a shot of your child planting her … Continue reading