Paper Currency – A Human Touch

I’m always surprised when I look in my wallet and see paper money. I have it so rarely that it almost seems like it shouldn’t be in there. I rely mostly on my debit card, and occasionally on my credit card. The world seems made of plastic. You slide your plastic card through a plastic machine and then pick up your grocery bags, also made of plastic, filled with food containers that are plastic. Everything is sterile, factory-made, and impersonal. Have you ever watched “Little House on the Prairie” or “Anne of Green Gables” and seen the characters go into … Continue reading

Wealth Building Strategies by Chris Waltzek

In today’s economy, we’re all concerned about increasing our wealth and socking some away for the future. It seems there is never enough cash left over to create savings, and oftentimes, not enough to meet the bills. Chris Waltzek is the host and executive producer at Radio, which is a two-hour weekly broadcast covering the financial industry. With the research he has done in this capacity, as well as his role as a writer on the show, he has written a book titled “Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals, and Other Markets.” In this book, he discusses the state … Continue reading

Silly Places to Keep Your Money

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Unsinkable Molly Brown, starring Debbie Reynolds. Anyone who has seen this film is already chuckling, having read the title of this blog … you know where I’m going with this. Molly is a very naïve young lady, and when her husband sells some gold out of his mine and brings home the cash, she decides to put it in the stove. It’s summertime, so the stove’s not being used, and it’s certainly safer than under the mattress, isn’t it? When her husband comes home from taking a dip in the … Continue reading

Has the Piggy Bank Left Us for Good?

I can’t remember the last time I saw a piggy bank outside a Toy Story movie. It used to be that every child had one, although I’m unsure as to the history of the piggy bank, or why someone thought that sticking money into a porcelain pig was a great idea. But the point is, children used to earn their allowance by doing jobs, and then they would carefully plunk their coins into the back of their little piggy, and then they’d rattle it to see if it sounded any different. It was a ritual, a happy childhood tradition. In … Continue reading

A Wallet For Budgeting?

Have you set up a new budget for the New Year? Do you revise your budget as things in your life change? Maybe you think of budget as a four letter word. Budgeting and dieting are a lot alike. A diet restricts food intake and cuts out everything that we think of as fun food. That’s why diets don’t work. A lot of people view budgets in the same way. Everything that is a must-pay is added to the budget and there’s often no room for fun in an effort to get finances in order. How is a budget going … Continue reading

The History of Money, Part Two – Money Makes an Appearance

Earlier today, we talked about bartering. This was a tool of exchange used primarily between strangers and enemies to get what they wanted, while friends and families tended to gift each other needed items. The first unit of money recorded in history is the shekel, and it originated in Mesopotamia. Wondering where that is? Me, too. It’s in modern-day Iraq, the area of the world was considered the cradle of civilization. The people apparently realized the need for some other means of exchange, and they set up the first commodity money system, meaning, a piece of money that is made … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Job

Why work? Why yes, I know that you need the money. But work has a lot of other benefits that you may not have considered. If you’re thinking of taking on a part time position after being out of the workforce or you’re considering freelancing, here are a few reasons why that job may be even more valuable than you think. It’s about your health. Depending on where you work, you may or may not receive health benefits at your job. Depending on your home and health situation and your partner’s insurance, a job that is pays poorly but has … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Counting Back Change

Way back in the day, shopkeepers ran tallies of numbers in their heads as they looked over your purchases. In some grocery stores, the cashiers were required to know the prices of all the products. And when it came time to pay, they would count back your change without the aid of their cash register. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, there isn’t time. We have scanners to tell us the prices and feed them directly into the cash register, which is more like a computer than ever before. When we’re done, we hit a button and we’re told how much … Continue reading