Sheryl Crow Welcomes her Second Baby through Adoption

Sheryl Crow announced this morning that she is adopting a second child, Levi James, who was born April 30. Crow made the announcement via her website, and her publicist confirmed the information. Crow, age 48, adopted her son Wyatt three years ago, when he was two weeks old. (Click here to see Michelle’s blog on Sheryl’s first adoption.) The sibling connection seems to be important to Crow—she made her announcement by writing, “Wyatt has a baby brother!” Crow reportedly is not deterred by the idea of being a single mother. “For my whole life, I had a pretty clear picture … Continue reading

Parenting the Second Time Around by Adoption.

The look on their faces made it very clear to me everyone who heard my announcement thought I had completely lost my mind! The silence in the room was deafening until one of my aunts actually said what everyone in the room was thinking, “Why on earth would you want to start parenting all over when Sean and Tori are nearly grown?” With that question my family started to chatter and offer one opinion after another. Someone suggested that adopting children “now” would mean I might not get to travel the world in my golden days. I simple said, “It … Continue reading

For the Love of All Things Not Math

My daughter is officially done with second grade. School is out for the summer and I couldn’t be happier. It was a rough year, but my daughter survived and even managed to score a perfect 4.0 on her report card. Straight “A”s, including in her least favorite subject-—math. When I congratulated her on the impressive accomplishment, my daughter noted that she was surprised that she had received an “A” in mathematics. “I hate math, Mommy!” she exclaimed. Translation: Math doesn’t come as easy to her as reading, spelling or Social Studies. It actually requires working a little harder to master … Continue reading

I am a Mother

While I love being a mother there are days when I forget that there was more to my life before this. I’ve come to identify with the title so much that I honestly can’t remember what life was like before I had Logan. I must have had so much more time on my hands! I remembered feeling like my life was so busy, then I had a baby and I found that I didn’t even know the meaning of the word! My life quickly became filled with diapers and feeding and rocking. My entire world revolved around this little baby. … Continue reading

Book Review: Annie’s Baby

Annie’s Baby is a book whose official author is Dr. Beatrice Sparks, an adolescent psychologist who also edited Go Ask Alice. But the book’s real author is “Annie”, an anonymous client of Dr. Sparks, who narrates her story to her diary. As the book begins, Annie is a fairly typical fourteen-year-old—she plays on a soccer team and enjoys rollerblading. She says she’s too much of a tomboy to be one of the “popular girls”, but she has several good friends with whom she likes to go to the movies or the mall. Annie lives with her mom, a teacher. The … Continue reading

Baby Making–Hollywood Style

While the rest of the world is counting down the days until Sex and the City hits the big screen the film’s star Sarah Jessica Parker is counting down the days until she can hit the sack with husband Matthew Broderick and work on adding to their family of three. The New York Daily News is reporting that Parker and Broderick have plans to take the summer off and dedicate some serious time to make a new brother or sister for their 5-year-old son James Wilkie. Broderick told the paper, “In the summer, we’ll leave town and we’ll unwind and … Continue reading

Babies Help Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

A new program is sweeping Boys and Girls clubs around the nation, aiming its message at participants who are ages 11 to 13. Computerized babies, that look, feel, and cry–just like the real thing, are being offered through a “Real Skillz Parenting Course.” (And no, skillz is not a typo.) Each $500 baby comes programmed to cry periodically for various pre-programmed reasons and the participant must correct the problem in order to make the doll stop crying. The kids have the infants from 9am to 3pm for a period of two weeks and the goal of the program is to … Continue reading

Mental Health and Insurance: Advocating for Makala

It’s been a long four-years since this picture was taken and we brought Makala and Jeremiah home to be our children. It required nearly two-years before we met them to complete the application for adoption, training as special needs parents, and have our home study done by the state. We chose to adopt special needs siblings from our state foster care system. Our lives were stable and we had experience raising Sean and Tori who were on their way to college. We wanted and worked hard to get into a position of making a huge change in the lives of … Continue reading