Get Rid Of Technology Once In a While

As parents we are all looking for ways to keep our children busy. As single parents the evenings are short and there is so much to do, we need something to occupy the kids so we don’t feel quite so guilty for working on the report for work or doing another three loads of laundry and scrubbing the bathroom. Unfortunately, for most of us, the easiest entertainers are electronic. We plop the kids in front of a movie or allow them some extra video game time so we can get done what we need to do. I’m not saying that … Continue reading

Rock Your Routine With These Boredom Busters

Last month, I discussed the importance of routines for toddlers and their parents. In that same post, I mentioned that within the structure of your days there is plenty of room for freedom. It is important that we as parents make good use of that freedom both for ourselves and for our children so that none of us get bored. What kinds of things can you do in those spaces between your regular daily activities? The list is as limitless as your imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Grab an empty dish pan, some dish soap, … Continue reading

Holiday Sanity Savers for Parents

The countdown is on. In just a few days my daughter’s Christmas break will commence. She delights in telling people that soon she won’t have to endure seven looooong hours a day in a classroom until 2012. I too am thrilled that she will be home, though I know better than to count on the time being stress-free. The first few days of the holiday hiatus from school is filled with giggles and grins, but by day three, I hear more, “Mom, I’m bo-bo-bored!” than “Ho, ho, ho!” Over the years, I’ve learned to prepare for periods of whines and … Continue reading

How Soon Is Too Soon?

How soon is too soon to go back to work after a baby? How much is financial necessity and how much is self gratification or boredom or something else. A mother of a toddler recently told me how her child pleaded with her to take a day off and stay home and her answer was that she had to go to work or he wouldn’t eat. But is that always the case? A young woman I know is expecting her first baby and people are asking her how soon the will go back to work. Several of those involved in … Continue reading

Why Did My Baby Get Thrush?

No one knows. There, satisfied? I’m guessing not. Seriously, though, it can be difficult to pinpoint why babies come down with thrush. There are some things we know for sure concerning thrush. We know that thrush is an overgrowth of the yeast, called candida, found in every person’s body. We know that infants are more susceptible to thrush because their immune systems aren’t fully developed and they are in the process of developing a healthy balance of fungi and bacteria in their bodies. As far as why certain babies get thrush while others do not, there are a lot of … Continue reading

My Favorite Parenting Line Too

When Mary Ann Romans wrote about her favorite parenting line yesterday, it got me thinking about what my favorite line might be. Like her, I found that using the same old-age adages of my parents were getting me nowhere. For naturally curious children, saying “because I said do” was just frustrating. Still sometimes the conversation needs to be ended and results need to happen. I have found that with my teens the only way to end an unpleasant conversation and to also get the results I need at the moment. My line isn’t the same every time, but it has … Continue reading

“Specialness” of Easter Ruined by Retailers and Indulgent Parents

We’ve just passed through another Easter period and the usual tales of Easter excess have reached my ears once again. Whether or not Easter is celebrated as a religious event in your family, it is still a special time of year for the very least reason that it provides a break in the working and school year. It is a time for family get-togethers or just general unwinding, on a secular if not religious level. Yet the retailers persist in placing Easter eggs out on display almost as soon as Christmas has departed. Certainly after Valentine’s Day has come and … Continue reading

A Lesson for Parents WithText-Crazed Kids

Text addiction doesn’t begin to describe the problem 13-year-old Reina Hardesty suffers from. The California teen recently racked up an astonishing 14,528 text messages in ONE month, producing an AT&T billing statement that totaled 440 pages. Can your kid top that? AT&T billing managers say the feat is almost incomprehensible. If you do the math you’d find that Reina texted 484 text messages a day, or one every two minutes of every waking hour. It doesn’t seem humanly possible, but according to the text happy teen, she was able to do so with the help of her four obsessive texting … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: June 2008

June was my first official month posting for the Baby Blog. It has been a great experience. I love learning new things about babies and sharing it with friends. Of course, I could use your help. Whether you are a first-time mom or an experienced mom of a large family, I want to hear from you. Please share your advice, your questions and your comments. On which topics would you like to see more blogs? Meanwhile, take a look at all of the articles we had in June. June 2nd Introducing Babies to Birds Perhaps it is the fact that … Continue reading

Are You Making Mealtime too Long?

Parents often complain that mealtime is the most stressful time of the day. They look so forward to sitting down as a family and having the ideal mealtime and then stressed and annoyed when children cannot behave, want to leave the table early, or get hungry and whiney and cannot even wait for dinner time to roll around. Perhaps part of the problem could be that you are expecting too much out of mealtime and you are expecting children to sit at the table for longer than they can… Very young children cannot sustain interest or focus long enough for … Continue reading