Don’t Forget the College Spending Money

Once you get through paying for tuition, text books, room and board, supplies and activity fees, there is one more expense you have to count in–the monthly spending money that your college kids will need. Most college websites are very helpful with suggestions of how much money your student will need, with suggestions averaging $200-$300 a month, minimum, to cover expenses from laundry to shampoo to late night pizza runs. While these suggestions are helpful, the real amount is going to depend on your student, where he or she goes to school and what kind of lifestyle he or she … Continue reading

Geneva College Sues Federal Government Over Birth Control Coverage

Geneva College, in Pennsylvania, has filed a lawsuit against the federal government. The lawsuit is another one that is in opposition to the requirement that employers offer coverage for birth control in their employer sponsored health insurance. It is unlikely to be the last lawsuit on this issue. Geneva College is a Christian college that is located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1848 by the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The college, together with attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund, (which is a Christian civil rights group), has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh. The … Continue reading

Thrifty Tips for College Students

Whether you are a parent of a college student or you are a student yourself, you know that college is expensive. What you may not know, and what I wish that I knew when I was in college a few years ago, is that there are some things that you can save money on while you are in college which can add up to significant savings. That’s right, you can have more cash left in your pocket or less money borrowed from student loans and other sources if you do a few things a little differently. For example, when you … Continue reading

How to Save on College Expenses

The one expense that most parents dread is college. We work ourselves up into a sweat and wonder how on earth we will pay for it all, and we start worrying in some cases before our children even take their first steps. Reducing the expense of college is a worthy goal. Here are some ideas that may work for you. Go Local Choosing a local school can have many advantages in terms of saving money for college. For one thing, most state schools will be less expensive than private colleges and universities. For another, going to a local school means … Continue reading

College Students Need Insurance

It won’t be long before the new semester begins, and the college students will be back in school. Most families realize that their college bound offspring needs things like textbooks, new bedding, and perhaps their own computer. College students also need to have insurance coverage. College is expensive. Tuition seems to go up every semester. Textbooks cost a small fortune. There are fees to pay for the dorm, the meal plan, and possibly even a parking permit. Students who are living in apartments are going to have to come up with the money to pay rent, and also to buy … Continue reading

Being Frugal Is A Way Of Life – New FL Blogger Intro

Finally, I’m writing my Frugal Living introduction post. Better late than never, I always say. I wanted to say hello to my fellow FL living blogger Mary Ann Romans, and all of new bloggers. Since starting with this website about a month ago I’ve been having a lot of fun writing in my various topics. Being able to share and learn is a wonderful thing. As the title of my blog today states, being frugal truly is a way of life, not just one area of it. Many times someone may start out counting pennies in the area of … Continue reading

Frugal is: Living in Your Van to Save College Costs

I hear about people living in their vehicles all the time, generally because they are down on their luck. Even famous people have been known to live in their cars during hard time,like Jewel and Tyler Perry, for example. Just two years ago Ken Ilgunas was called a crybaby for an article he wrote in the Buffalo News Opinion Column as he complained about being a college graduate and living at home. Here is an excerpt of the column he wrote: “Desperate times called for desperate measures, and I had no intention of living in a society that was as … Continue reading

Education Blog in Review: December 1st Through December 14th

Do you know exactly what goes on at your child’s school? You might be surprised. Look for future posts about this topic. Meanwhile check out the blog posts from the past two weeks. December 1st Education Blog in Review: November 17th Through November 30th Stay ahead of the latest in Education with the Education Blog. December 2nd Education Blog Month in Review: November By November, students have settled in to the routine of school. The month of November brought with it lots of education news, from sex education and ethics in the classroom to upcoming policy changes that may affect … Continue reading

Tuition-Free Colleges

One of the biggest expenses to a family is paying for college. I know that it has kept us up late at night, and our kids are still very young. If you are wondering how you are ever going to pay for higher education, take heart. More and more colleges and universities are offering students a chance to get a good education tuition free. And, these programs have nothing to do with the normal scholarship avenues. Tuition-free programs are closer to loan programs that don’t have to be paid back. There aren’t that many of these programs around, but the … Continue reading

Patrick Henry College has a New Dual Enrollent Program

Patrick Henry College, a college founded by the same people who founded the HSLDA is now offering high school Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credits online. This is a smooth move the HSLDA as more and more homeschoolers get cautious about paying for “insurance” that is actually being used to fund agendas that we may or may not be crazy about. The college level/ AP classes made available to homeschoolers can be used at Patrick Henry College for credit and at other colleges as well. However, homeschoolers should double check to make sure that that credits … Continue reading