Penn, Teller, & James Randi

Last Friday, I watched “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.” I love trying to get the lyrics correct on this game show, but usually, I record it and fast forward through the unnecessary dialogue that occurs. I mean really, did Monty Hall have to do contestant family reunions to get ratings? Would Chuck Woolery have stalled like Howie Mandel does? No. But, this past week was a special charity episode featuring illusionists Penn &Teller. I’ve written about Penn & Teller before because they are not only amazing illusionists, but also hilarious. Because of this, I decided to watch the entire show. Penn … Continue reading

5 Notorious Moments of Saturday Night Live

I’ve been blogging about people banned from ever appearing on Saturday Night Live again, but in this blog, I will talk about some of the most notorious moments in this long running (31 years!) comedy show. 5. Chevy Chase’s Fall In the season premiere of 1976, Chevy Chase, playing then President Gerald Ford, took a pratfall into a podium. Unfortunately for Chevy, the podium wasn’t padded and he missed the next two episodes due to injuries. 4. John Belushi Hits Buck Henry with a Sword In one of his famous Samurai skits, John Belushi accidentally gashed Buck Henry’s forehead with … Continue reading

Celebrity Baby Boom–Do You Sense A Pattern Here?

“Oh look, Mariska Hargity had a baby boy,” I exclaimed. I hadn’t intended to say it out loud, but my husband who was sitting nearby heard me and replied: “Who?” After I explained that she was the actress who plays NYPD detective Olivia Benson on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” he responded, “Why do you care?” It’s a good question. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a good answer. I don’t really know. For some reason I am drawn to headlines that proclaim, “Hollywood Actress Welcomes New Bundle of Joy.” Perhaps, it’s because I remember the incredible jubilation I felt … Continue reading