Penny Football

Summer travels often bring some unexpected down time. Penny football is a good game to fill up some moments. Since this is a casual lunchroom developed game, there are several versions of rules. All you need to play are three pennies, two players, and a table. A smallish table works best. You can still play on a large table, but you may want to state boundaries so that the coins don’t get to far off track. Flip one of the coins to see who goes first. The winner of the coin toss places the three coins in a triangular formation … Continue reading

Week in Review – Fun

Celebrate summer with Sidewalk Chalk Games and Whistling with a Blade of Grass. If you are feeling crafty try Squeeze ‘n Brush Paints or Polymer Clay. For more inside fun, try The 50 States Game and Penny Football. Read some fun and simple ideas for Keeping Toddlers Busy in the Kitchen. It’s always fun to find new camping supplies, or even just to spend the day in the woods Pretend Camping. Check back this week for more ideas for summer fun!

Fun at the Arcade

Most of the time I want family outings to have some educational moments. Today though we took our change jar and went to play at the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade. They have rooms and rooms of games. Some are very old and some are very up to date and modern. Some of the old games only cost a nickel or a dime. There’s an “English Football” game that is not electronic at all but has entirely mechanical works. And it costs a penny to play! One of my sons had great fun scoring goal after goal on me. We had … Continue reading

Positive Reinforcement: Non-material Rewards Are Just As Effective

As parents we often spend many hours attempting to change our kids behavior by a little method known as correcting. This works for many kids but parents should also realize that a better method is the use of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is simply rewarding your child with something desirable after a behavior occurs. In most cases the reward then assures that the behavior will occur again. The reward does not have to be something material or costly, it can be a hug, a special snack, extra time with mom or dad, etc. For many kids, these types of reward … Continue reading

Theme Vacations

Several years ago during a flight from San Francisco to Chicago I sat next to a man whose carry-on bag had nearly a dozen baseball caps attached to it. I took the bait and asked him about his “hat bag.” He explained that he was meeting up with four of his best friends from college and they were going to spend the next three weeks traveling cross-country to attend major league baseball games. I got off the plane thinking, what a great idea. Theme vacations can be a great option, especially if you are planning a family trip. Here are … Continue reading