Insurance Blog Week in Review – Week of March 4 – 11, 2012

Each and every week, there can be anywhere between twelve and fourteen different blogs appearing on the Insurance Blog. Keeping up with the Insurance Blog is a good way to stay informed about insurance changes that can affect your family. Use the Week in Review is a quick way to “ketchup”! Examining a Potential Health Insurance Plan I am, once again, attempting to find an affordable health insurance policy. In this blog, I go over what some of the abbreviations, phrases, and numbers in the health plan I am looking at actually mean. The Insurance Podcast Roundup went up on … Continue reading

An Umbrella to Protect You from Financial Disaster

A study finds that the wealthiest Americans are in fear of being sued, simply because they have more money than than nearly everyone else. One can assume that this group is able to afford to purchase all the insurance they need. Even so, an umbrella liability policy could help them. A study was done by ACE Private Risk Services. They are part of the ACE Group, and they specialize in high net worth personal insurance. In other words, this is an insurer that sells policies that are useful for the wealthiest Americans. The study was called “Targeting the Rich: Liability … Continue reading

What Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About Their Personal Liability Coverage

Dog Bite Liability has become a major concern for homeowner insurance companies who generally oppose any new legislation requiring changes to the way insurance companies deal with some dog breeds. The insurance companies believe government public health studies and company claims statistics indicate some breeds of dogs are more dangerous than others and are higher loss risk. Dog owners living in 33 states are currently legally liable for deaths or injuries caused by their dogs. There are several states with laws or pending laws that restrict an insurance company from canceling or denying insurance coverage based on the specific dog … Continue reading

Dog Bite Liability

There has been a growing popularity since the mid-1990s, of people choosing to own the more aggressive breeds of dogs. This is a security concern because dog attacks are now the largest single cause of homeowner insurance policy claims. Dogs and their bites have become a major concern for homeowner insurance companies and considering the statistics it’s not hard to see why: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year with an estimated 800,000 injuries requiring medical treatment. More than 50 percent of the bites happen on the … Continue reading

Insurance Terms: U-V

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J-K | L | M | N | O | P | Q-R | S | T | U-V | W-Z Insurance Terms: U Umbrella Policy is additional insurance coverage for losses that exceed the liability limit of underlying policies such as homeowners and auto insurance. Underinsurance results when a policyholder fails to purchase enough insurance coverage. The policyholder may be entitled to receive only a portion of the cost to replace or repair damages to covered items. Underwriter is the company … Continue reading

Insurance 3-Steps for the Single, 20-Something, College Graduate

Watching our children grow up and become adults is one of the greatest parts of parenting. My oldest daughter graduated from Oregon State University with honors last month. I was in awe of the results of my labor, I doubt our children have any idea how proud we really are when they achieve the greatness we dreamed possible! I have written several Blogs about insurance for our older teenagers and young adults. The best advice I can offer is that you continue to insure your child until they are defined by the financial aide office as “independent.” This is usually … Continue reading

What to Know About the Rental Car Agreement and Insurance.

Insurance is state regulated, the type of coverage and the premium cost will vary from one state to another. Rental car customers usually have choices of what added insurance they may need to purchase in order to cover a rented auto. Before you show up in line at the rental car counter be sure to do some advanced planning. The Insurance coverage you may want to understand include the following coverages: Collision Damage Waiver Rental car insurance usually offers a collision damage waiver, in some cases this coverage may also be called, a Loss Damage Waiver. These policies are not … Continue reading

The Top 10 Small Business Insurance Do’s and Don’ts

The Do’s this is a quick list for the things every small business owner wants to consider when it becomes important to insure for the risks we need to have covered. #1 Think about the insurance issues during the start-up process of your new business and have applications and insurance policies issued when needed. If there are partners be sure to ask for a buy-sell agreement and use life insurance to fund the agreement in the event one of the partners were to die. #2 Find an Insurance agent who can service all of your small business and personal lines … Continue reading

Parental Liability: When your Child Becomes a Parent.

Every year thousands of teenage girls, many as young as 12 years old, enter United States Welfare system because they become pregnant. Teenage girls are usually eligible for welfare benefits in order to meet the needs of their children. Typically the fathers are non custodial parents with many of them teenagers as well. Teen aged parents still supposed to be attending high school and unable to pay child support because they don’t have jobs. The common name for this situations is a “minor-mother” case. When a teenage girl has a baby it is automatically reported to the state child support … Continue reading

Parental Liability: Civil Behavior and Criminal Children.

Parental liability is the official legal term that defines the parent’s responsibility to pay for any damages caused by negligent, intentional, or the criminal behavior and acts of their child or children. Our children are a risk we as parents are liable while they are in our care. In many states the parents are liable for any malicious or willful property damage their children might cause. Most states start holding parents responsible when their child is between that ages of eight and ten. In every state the lays vary regarding the monetary threshold or limit for damages that may be … Continue reading