A Fit Lifestyle Takes Time

I am now two months into my new fit lifestyle, which has included making changes to my diet and implementing a regular exercise routine. While I have lost weight (and inches) it has been slow going. This is the point where it can become discouraging. The other day there was a radio ad about the weight loss product Sensa, a product that I certainly would never try. After all, it supposedly helps you lose weight but you don’t have to change your eating habits or even exercise. That scares me. But I have to admit it tickled my ears to … Continue reading

Making Memories

‘It’s our memories that make us,’ – this is the first line of Requiem for a Beast a picture book for older children and young adults. Though the book was in that case talking about indigenous people of Australia, in a sense it’s the same true for each of us. We are what we remember. A psychologist once told me that the mind chooses to forget those things that are too painful- that it doesn’t want to deal with. But I’ve also heard someone say that those with a happy childhood don’t store up memories. Since they both seem to … Continue reading

Baby’s First Snow Adventure

This past weekend, we got a monster snow storm. My kids were all excited to go play in the snow. It just kept falling, and there was plenty of snow right in our backyard to build a snowman and even a little sledding hill. While I love looking at the snow from my warm house, sometimes, the thought of getting the kids all bundled up seems exhausting, and I leave it up to my husband. But, this time, I was anxious to get the baby out in the snow and let him experience his first snowfall since last year he … Continue reading

Your Strong-Willed Baby

Believe it or not, your baby is learning every day to be a little more independent. He is learning how he can control his environment, and how he can control you. Now, as a newborn, babies haven’t figured that out yet, but as a soon-to-be toddler, they are starting to figure this out. My little guy is almost 11 months old, and he is certainly trying to figure out how to get me to do what he wants. From following me around the house “yelling” at me until I pick him up, to actually flopping down on the floor when … Continue reading

Uh Oh! Mom Cut My Hair!

My babies have always had fine, wispy hair. My daughter was practically bald until she was about 2. I longed for ponytails and braids, but instead, what we had was a sad looking mullet growing. It was not pretty. Finally, after a lot of grief from my sisters (one of whom is a hairstylist) I was talked into cutting off that cute little mullet. I didn’t regret it. And, it looked a lot better, even though she had less hair. My third is now 10 months old, and has more hair than any of my other kids have had at … Continue reading

What is Your Ten Month Old Up To?

I can’t believe that we are just two short months away from my baby being a year old. 10 months have flown by. While I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every single second, I sure do love my little baby. I have been enjoying him reaching milestones, and I can’t wait to see what is to come. With his recent discovery that he likes sippy cups with straws, we have had plenty of meal times that get rather messy for me, but fun for him. He loves to drink water from a straw, but as soon as he is done, he … Continue reading

Baby’s Fears

Every baby has a fear. Sometimes it is the vacuum, the dog, or the blender. My baby actually doesn’t seem to mind the blender all that much, and he loves the food chopper. Weird. But, there are a few things that he is afraid of from time to time. While I don’t enjoy my child’s fear, it is sometimes cute to see what he is afraid of. One of the things that I have learned that he is afraid of is the car wash. In fact, I remember my oldest being scared of that, too as a baby. Now, she … Continue reading

Falling Off the Wagon

After so many months of doing good, I have fallen off the wagon. The past couple of weeks I have been struggling to get in exercise. Actually, I shouldn’t really say I have been struggling…it has been easy to not exercise. Circumstances in life have gotten me feeling down, and unfortunately I have been handling it (or should I say not handling it) by eating junk food and skipping exercise. I am stuffing my emotions with food, something I thought I had overcome. It’s frustrating that I could so easily allow troubles in life to do this. Months and months … Continue reading

Plan Your Fitness Routine for the New Seasons Ahead

To me there is nothing like a brisk morning walk. My favorite time of the day to walk is in the morning when it’s cool outside. Now for many of us we haven’t quite hit those cool mornings yet. There is still some summer left. However I always say that we should plan ahead. Since a new season is upon us, it’s time to think about how you will continue your fitness routine. One of the things that can happen is for those of us who live in the colder states; we let our fitness routine fall to the side. … Continue reading