Celebrate Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is July 24th. Whether or not you had any ancestors who crossed the plains in search of religious freedom, better farmland, or even gold, this month is a great time to remember the many men, women, and children, who made the long trek across the plains to settle the west. So take some time this month to celebrate the pioneers. Share Pioneer Stories Pioneer stories are a great way to share the pioneering spirit with your children. Many stories are faith promoting; others express the dangers of pioneer life, while some are humorous. If you had ancestors who … Continue reading

Teaching Your Children About Their Heritage

Today is a special day here in Utah, it is the day we come together as a community and celebrate our pioneer ancestors who settled here so many years ago. Children gather in the streets as they watch our biggest parade of the year. With floats, handcarts, horses, and wagons children cheer in excitement. This is a time for each of us to remember the great sacrifices they made as they continued on their journey west. Without this annual celebration, many children may never have the opportunity to see a handcart. As parents this is a great teaching moment. Whether … Continue reading