Another Playdate

As the weather has gotten more and more summer like, our son has been wanting to spend more and more time out of doors. The only problem is that we live on a fairly busy street with practically no yard. So in order to give our son a good amount of safe outdoor time and a someone his own age to play with, I planned a playdate with some of our friends. For our playdate we were heading to a turn of the century era farm and town set up to be as realistic and functional as possible in the … Continue reading

A Play Date

Every once in a while, a few times a month, I try to schedule a time for my son (and daughter) to get together with other children their age. Most often our play dates are with their cousins (brother and sister) the boy is ten months older than my son and the girl is four weeks older than my daughter (who is only three months old). Every few months I plan a play date with one of my long time friends, who has three boys. Recently, I was able to plan a play date with a mom that I met … Continue reading

Play Dates: Make Them Happen

Parents of children with special needs know all too well, that for their child, play dates can be rare, if they exist at all. But, with a rise in inclusive education, friendships and play dates between kids with and without disabilities could be on the rise as well. Or at least we can hope so. About a year ago, I spoke with the father of a boy with cerebral palsy who is in the classroom alongside his peers on a daily basis. Instead of being “the kid in the wheelchair”, his son is a friend who regularly plays with his … Continue reading

Play Dates: A Germ Factory?

I’m a social person. I enjoy getting out and talking with other moms, especially other moms with babies. If they breastfeed, it’s an added bonus, because it means we will have lots to talk about. My baby and I laid pretty low this winter. I felt like I wanted to keep her protected from germs during flu season. Now that spring is upon us, I’m much more open to getting together with other people. In fact, this week alone, there are three play dates we are attending. I’m not sure what your experiences have been with play dates, but mine … Continue reading

Britax Frontier 85

My moms’ group is the most incredible organization. We’re not a typical moms’ group with play dates. This moms’ group is all about events. For instance, this Thursday I’m going to the Best Toys for the Holidays event dinner. This is a mom’s night out event and the children get to stay home. Last year I brought home a pink bouncy dog for Jessie. This year one lucky mom is going to take home the Fisher-Price Bigfoot. I’m hoping to have a good enough number in the raffle to take home the Fisher-Price iXL, the Leapster Explorer or My Own … Continue reading