More Lessons from Isaiah

Israel had rejected God’s plans and decided to follow their own way, Isaiah 28- 30:11. See Warnings in Isaiah blog. God here warns of the consequences of those actions Judgment comes to those who reject God’s Holy One and rely on other means to guide them in life, Isaiah 30:12. What are you relying on? What have you put your trust in? Is it wealth, contacts, education, possessions, family? All of these will crumble and fall, verses 13-14. Israel put her trust in allies and idols rather than God and God promised judgment as a result. Yet we see God’s … Continue reading

Practical Lessons from Hezekiah

If you want practical lessons about life, look at the example of Hezekiah.One of the first facts we learn about Hezekiah is that, ‘He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord,’ 2 Chronicles 29:2. At the beginning of his reign, he re-opened the temple and restored worship of the Lord. He recognized that the unfaithfulness of Israel and the way they had turned their backs on the Lord, had caused evil to come to them, 2 Chronicles 29:6-9. Hezekiah decreed that he intended making a covenant with God. He called the people to consecrate themselves. Hezekiah then … Continue reading

Listening to God

The other day we looked at some helpful verses from Isaiah and what God says about the way to be saved, Isaiah 30:11. The key here is, like Israel, we need to be willing. They wanted to do their own thing, instead of listening to God, so He let them. It shows us the danger of switching off from God, because when we do that things don’t work out as we plan. Meanwhile God wanted and longed to be gracious, Isaiah 30:18. So often we too shut God out when He longs to be gracious to us. Yet when His … Continue reading

Something To Hold On To

I love how the gospel accounts are so different, each one inspired by God but reflecting the personality of the individual. The logical and ordered mind of Luke, the doctor, set out to write a factual ordered account to help Theophilus as well as anyone who reads this gospel, understand more of Jesus. Interestingly Luke was not a Jew, yet the starts his account with the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy of the one who would prepare people for the Savior God would send. This was John the Baptist. Luke had obviously got a lot of his information from … Continue reading

Take the Challenge

In Australia, this week has been designated as families’ week. Linda Burney, Minister for Community Services, has challenged families to turn off the TV and the computer and to set the table and sit down to a meal together. I’ve always been an advocate for eating meals together and not doing them in shifts as some people seem to do. No, it’s not always easy with work commitments, meetings, and after school activities. But it is worthwhile. Just as you and your spouse need that together time, the date nights and time to relax and talk together away from family, … Continue reading

Don’t be a Jonah

How often are you and I like Jonah? Jonah was not just a reluctant prophet he was a rebellious prophet. God gave him a message to go to Nineveh and tell them that because their wickedness judgment was coming, Jonah 1:1. It’s not the sort of message anyone would put their hand up to deliver, especially to their enemies. Jonah wanted no part of it. He fled to Tarshish. Sometimes we can be just like Jonah. God gives us a message to give to our family, our friends, workmates and neighbors and instead of passing on that message, we ignore … Continue reading

7 Marks of the Mature Christian

What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child do you remember being asked that question? I do. What about your children? What are you hopes and dream for them? What do you want them to be when they grow up? Sometimes you will hear parents say, ‘I don’t care what they do; I just want my kids to be happy.’ And if we’re honest. We’d probably say we want that for ourselves too – to be happy. Growing up is hard, harder for some of us than others, it sometimes seems. Growing up as a … Continue reading

Be Encouraged

I admit to having a soft spot for Jacob in the Bible. Yes, he was a liar and a cheat. But he was also a man who knew what was important. Jacob saw the value of the birthright when Esau didn’t, Genesis 25:31-34. Although the methods he and his mother, Rebekah, employed to gain his father’s blessing were underhanded and deceitful, Genesis 27:1-29, they both paid the penalty for that. Jacob had to leave home because of his brother’s anger, Genesis 27:42-45. Though they both thought it would be only for a short time, Jacob never saw his mother again. … Continue reading

Unlocking a Bible Passage – part 1

You’ve decided you need to get more serious about your reading of God’s Word and applying it to your life. But how do you go about it? One way I learned years ago, when I was a discussion leader in a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class, was a technique known as homiletics. This is one way of unlocking the meaning of a passage. Over the years I have used other methods for learning more of God’s Word but I have found this method effective and keep coming back to it. So here, as I remember it, are the principles involved: … Continue reading

Warnings from Isaiah

How much notice do you take of warnings? Every day we see warning signs telling us to slow down on the road, to take corners at a safe speed or warnings about the dangers of smoking or alcohol or overuse of painkillers. Too often people ignore the warnings and trouble results. Isaiah contains a number of warnings for God’s people. In verse 14, God through Isaiah, warns of the dangers of scoffing and treating God’s Words lightly. Jerusalem thought they were okay because they were God’s people. But that does not mean a license for them to do as they … Continue reading