Learning Marriage from Your Parents

I was raised with somewhat progressive views on marriage.  It feels strange to even be typing that, and it’s certainly nothing I ever thought growing up.  I know that on the overall spectrum of views on marriage, the ideals with which I was raised would only be in the middle, and probably closer to the conservative side of the middle.  But it’s still so surprising to me how many people aren’t even that far. I’ve already shared my story about my college roommate.   The reason she and her boyfriend didn’t talk for years about division of labor in the household, … Continue reading

A Blind Date Leads to Love and Years

I never went on a blind date, although I tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to arrange one or two. But for one couple a blind date turned out to be just the beginning. That blind date was over 50 years ago. This year the couple, Nancy and James Hibbert of Australia, achieved something statistics show only about five percent achieve – they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. When asked the secret to a long and happy marriage the Hibberts, who live at Culburra Beach, replied ‘give and take.’ And really, that sums it up in a nutshell. That’s exactly the … Continue reading

There’s No Such Thing As Doing It All Alone

It is absolutely normal to feel isolated and “all alone” when it comes to our roles as single parents. After all, we don’t have a partner or spouse in the home to help us feel supported or as if we are part of a team. And, for those of us who do not have family near by or a “village” of eager and ready supporters, we may have a tendency to really feel like we are all alone as we work at being a good parent and provider, and raising our child or children. But, that isolationist thinking can actually … Continue reading

Ask for Help When You Need it

As a hypothetical situation, Jane Doe is a single mom (or John Doe is a single dad). They have two children from a previous marriage. They get along ok with their ex, but they aren’t friends. It’s the middle of winter in North Dakota, so it’s pretty dang cold. They get their heating bill for this month and it is outrageous. There is no way they can afford to pay it. What should s/he do? Another situation would be it’s the holidays and Jane or John Doe don’t have money to get presents for their children. If they do nothing, … Continue reading