Lifestyle Prenup Agreements

If you want to financially protect yourself after getting married, you may decide that a prenuptial agreement is the way to go. I’m not here to say one way or another whether this is something you should or shouldn’t do. Each couple has to make this decision based on their unique circumstances. But I do have a bit of a problem with non-financial prenups. These are the ones based on surface issues, ones that really don’t have a place in a committed marriage. I recently heard a story about a man who wanted his future wife to sign a prenuptial … Continue reading

Concerns of Prenuptial Agreements

In my last article it seemed that there were several positive aspects concerning prenuptial agreements. However many do not feel that they are a positive thing. Just as with the pros, prenuptial agreements also have their down falls. Many feel that signing a prenuptial agreement takes all of the fairy tale out of a wedding. Others feel that being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement is a sign that there is mistrust in the relationship among the partners. Some partners are offended by being asked to sign an agreement such as this. There is then resentment that builds in the … Continue reading

Pros of Prenuptial Agreements

My last article began placing some emphasis on prenuptial agreements. I gave you a little bit behind their history and why some couples may choose to sign them. In this article we will look a little more in depth at some pros and cons of signing one of these documents. Prenuptial agreements can be very enlightening and positive to a marriage. They can help create conversations and bring up ideas that you may not have considered discussing before marriage. There are several states that have laws pertaining to property and assets in a marriage. Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Arizona, … Continue reading

What about Prenuptial Agreements?

Couples have different ideas of how things should work after marriage. In fact some partners even have differing opinions about how their own marriage should operate. Communication, before and after marriage, is the key to having a good healthy relationship. Much discussion has been given already to whether or not prenuptial agreements are a good idea. Like most things they have bad points and good points. Some feel that prenuptial agreements take the romance out of a relationship while others believe that they are a necessity. While it often seems that women have more of a negative outlook on the … Continue reading

Legality & Marriage: Post-Nuptial Agreements

Okay, this is a new one – you’ve likely heard of a pre-nuptial agreement, but have you ever heard of a post-nuptial one? As I have discussed here previously, marriage is a legal, religious and emotional contract. If you don’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement prior to entering into a recognized civil and legal union – the marriage laws of the state you live in govern your marriage contract (in the legal sense). These laws govern the distribution of property and responsibility with regard to divorce or death. A post-nuptial agreement is a legal contract that a married couple enters into … Continue reading

Celebrity Money Blunders

Celebrities. Love them or hate them, there’s just something irresistible about them. I think that one of the major things that is so appealing about celebrities is that the details of their daily lives are often made available to the public. When we read stories about celebrities, we realize that even though they may seem larger than life when they are on-screen at the movies or on stage at a rock concert, they are only human just like we are. Having fame and the fortune that often accompanies it is not a one-way ticket to financial bliss. In fact, sometimes … Continue reading

Marriage Week in Review: June 2- June 8

There have been a wide range of topics discussed in marriage this week. The discussions have gone from prenups to weddings to divorce to enrichment to marriage in the news. Check out below, you are sure to find something that interest you! Monday, June 2 What about Prenuptial Agreements? This article takes a look into some basic information about prenuptial agreements. It also details a little of their history. Pros of Prenuptial Agreements In this article I offer some ways that a prenuptial agreement can have a positive impact on a marriage. Concerns of Prenuptial Agreements Here I take a … Continue reading

Should a Prenup Be Compulsory These Days?

A prenuptial agreement is designed to protect a person’s financial and personal interests so that when they walk out of a marriage they are as secure as they were when they walked into the marriage. The drawback to a prenuptial agreement in the modern world is the idea that you are planning for your divorce even in the midst of your wedding planning. The Pros The pros to a prenuptial agreement include financial security, emotional security and a certainty to what is going to happen. For the wealthy, it means assurance that the person is marrying you for you and … Continue reading

When in Rome …

Do you think that divorce, prenuptial agreements and living together are just a modern invention? Turns out that all of these existed in Ancient Rome and oh, and politically advantageous marriages? Yep, they happened there too. As it turns out, if you wanted to seek an office in the Roman political structure, you were best off arranging marriages for your children to increase your political alliances. The name for marriage was matrimonium (the root of matrimonial) and the root of that word is mater – or mother. Providing children was the principle requirement behind a couple entering into matrimonium. Marriages … Continue reading

The Ultimate Celebrity Yard Sale

I love a good yard sale and apparently, I missed THE yard sale of all yard sales last weekend. It was held at a $3.5 million dollar Montclair, New Jersey home where Michael Strahan, the New York Giants defensive end, used to live. Was Michael just trying to get rid of a few extra things? Maybe Michael was trying to earn a little extra money to help supplement that $20+ salary the Giants are paying him? Nope, turns out it is just another case of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I wonder if William Congreve, who wrote … Continue reading