A Playdate with Exercise

As the summer heats up, we have been scheduling our play dates earlier in the day if they involve being outside in the heat. This past week the temperatures reached highs of just over one hundred degrees but we were able to avoid the discomfort of such high temperatures by going out early in the morning. On one of our recent playdates we made plans to go to the only lake within the city’s limit. This lake has a lot of nice features. It has a beach for swimming and sand for playing as well as a good sized playground. … Continue reading

Be Prepared for School Holidays

Many of my friends who are also working parents are scrambling right now to get child care. Stay at home parents are scrambling to figure out what to do with the kids. A combination of half days off and full days off is throwing everyone off of schedule. And with the big holidays coming, things are going to get even more confusing. If you can do a little preparation now, your household will be in great shape, leaving you to take advantage of the school holidays, so everyone has a great time while they are off. Planning ahead will really … Continue reading

Home Blog Month in Review: August

Did you have a good month? We seem to have packed an entire summer’s worth of activities in this past month. Now, it seems, it is back to school and time to get ready for autumn. Still, it is nice to look back toward warm sands and wearing shorts even as we will soon be crunching leaves and taking out the sweaters. August 1st Getting Out Grass Stains With summer in full swing, chances are that your family has been playing outdoors quite a bit. And with all of that outdoor play comes the grass stains, especially if you are … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: August 4th Through August 10th

From summer adventures to falling hail in August, it has certainly been a busy week for us at home. Did you miss anything? Catch up on all of this past week’s Home Blog articles right here! August 4th Home Week in Review: July 28th Through August 3rd What makes a house a home? Is it the little decorating touches, the noises of little feet stomping down the stairs in the morning or the feeling that when you enter your home you’ve left the world behind? However you define your home, you’ll find lots of ways in the Home Blog to … Continue reading

Prepared for Summer Adventures

It was a beautiful day yesterday, just right for some sort of outdoor adventure with the kids. We decided to head over to the park for a spontaneous playdate. But how many times do we just run out the door without something that we know we’ll need later, such as a change of clothes, or sunscreen or a snack? Kids come with requirements for stuff, no matter if you are taking a trip down the shore or just to the local park. Most of the time, we do realize that we need to take some supplies, but choose not to, … Continue reading

Prepare Your Home for a Playdate

With the holidays over and winter here, the kids may be getting a little anxious. Playdates are a great way to allow your kids and yourself a way to socialize when you are stuck indoors. If you are hosting a playdate at your home, here are some things to keep in mind. Preparing your home will make the playdate go smoothly. First pick the area for play. Decide where the kids can play and where they will be allowed to go. One large room that can be gated off for little ones is ideal. This way the parents can spend … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: January 7 – 13

As things wind down and we begin a new year, trying to get back to normal, there are lots of things we may want or need to do around our homes. Mary Ann and I hope you’ll find these articles useful: Organizing the Family Room (3) Don’t miss this great series: Organizing the Family Room (1) Organizing the Family Room (2) Organizing the Family Room (3) Organizing the Family Room (4) Organizing the Family Room (5) We’re still in holiday mode to some degree. Considering Post Holiday Let Down and taking care of those Returns and Refunds may leave many … Continue reading

When Another Child Hits

Playdates can be a fun activity for both babies and their parents. Introducing your child to his peers is a great way to jump start the socialization process. Plus, having other adults to talk to during the day can help keep parents connected. But one issue that eventually seems to come up for every parent who play dates is what to do if another child hits, bites or otherwise abuses your child. How do you balance the protective instinct with the aversion to discipline another parent’s child? So what do you do if your little guys friend starts hitting? The … Continue reading

Peek into My Morning

I am always so curious for a glimpse into the lives of others. The domestic every day life of my fellow humans tends to fascinate me. I suppose that is why I read so many blogs, especially the frugal ones, of course. Sometimes I get great tips on things that I can do around my house or with my family. Other times I just have an appreciation for other ways of living. So, I thought I would share some of the things we will do today, from a frugal standpoint. This may give you a good idea of some of … Continue reading