Preparing For Labor

Like all good things, each pregnancy will come to an end. What awaits at the end of pregnancy? Labor and delivery. While I am a firm believer in not telling labor stories to anyone who is pregnant, I am also a firm believer in being prepared for the experience of labor. Preparedness for labor is less about which childbirth class you take or which technique you plan to use than it is about having made a plan for how you would like to proceed. At its most basic, preparing for labor includes talking to your health care provider and getting … Continue reading

Last-Minute Labor Day Deals

If you were waiting until Hurricane Irene left the country to make your Labor Day travel plans, time’s up. Now is the time to take advantage of last-minute holiday travel deals, including these red-hot rate reductions: DoubleTree by Hilton is offering AAA members 20% off the best available rates at more than 250 locations nationwide. However, you must book your stay by August 31 and travel between September 1 and November 30, 2011. Enter code “PBA” when reserving your room. The Omni Orlando Resort ChampionsGate in Orlando, Florida, near Disney World is letting you end the summer with a bang. … Continue reading

Preparing Meat to Save Money

Meat can take a big chunk right out of the grocery budget, but unless your are vegetarian or vegan, chances are that you want to have at least some meat in your diet. The type of meat you choose and how you buy your meat, as well as the way you prepare or cook it can save you money in this area. You don’t have to be resolved to tough fatty cuts of meat, either. Just use the following tips to save money on your meat purcahses. Tougher cuts of meat cost less money. But you can have delicious, tender … Continue reading

Labor Day Road Trip Boredom Busters

Think fast: What are you better equipped to handle on a 5-hour long Labor Day weekend road trip, a flat tire or a bored preschooler strapped to the backseat of the car? Most parents would rather deal with a flat than a car full of whiny children. If your vehicle doesn’t come equipped with a DVD player or you are embarking on a tech-free vacation, then you might consider the following classic car games to keep things running smoothly: Twenty Questions This car game favorite requires one person to think of a person, place or thing, while each of the … Continue reading

Preparing Popular Picnic Foods

When planning a summertime picnic there are a few staples that always make the cut. In my family they include potato salad and hot dogs (if my dad is cooking it’s potato salad and Kielbasa sausage). The crowd-pleasing summertime foods are favorites in many families namely because they are simple to prepare and can feed a ton of people without too much effort. The following recipes might be a tad labor intensive, but the time you put into them will win you raves from your guests. The recipe for Kielbasa and Peppers can do double duty as an appetizer or … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review Sept 10-16

The Pregnancy Blog is a good resource for information on every stage from trying to conceive to after the baby is born. The Week in Review is a good place to get caught up on the weekly blogs all in one place. Read the descriptions and click on the link to read more on the topic. As always, I welcome any suggestions for future topics. When you are pregnant, it can be difficult to know which drugs are safe to take. For this reason, it’s best to always get your doctor’s advice before taking any medication, prescription or over the … Continue reading

Building Stamina for Labor

Labor is appropriately named because it is hard work. I’ve heard preparing to bring your baby into the world compared to training for a marathon. This is a good analogy. Reading books or even this blog isn’t enough; you need to train for the big event. As you need to build stamina to run a marathon, you need to do the same prior to labor. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of building stamina is exercise. This is a good thing. Regular exercise is very important for you and your baby. Walking on a treadmill or … Continue reading

Preparing to Be Out of Work

None of us wants to admit that there might be a time when there is a sudden loss of income. A job loss or disability can be devastating. However, if you prepare before something like this happens, you will have a sense of security even at this uncertain time. Get disability insurance. How would you provide for your family if one of the two family breadwinners was injured? Or what if the sole provider for your family was not able to go to work? If you are relatively healthy, disability insurance can be quite inexpensive. Of course this depends on … Continue reading

Preparing for Your Home Study

Don’t panic! Though there are many things to do, there is no reason to become overly stressed about your home study. First, emotionally prepare yourself that home studies can take quite some time to complete. Keep in mind, if there are other adults living in your home, they too will likely have to complete parts of the home study process in order for your family to be approved. There are typically many steps to a home study, some of which may in include (in no particular order): Completed applications for adoption: In addition to being asked for basic information about … Continue reading

Preparing Your Yard For Fall—Part 2: Pruning and Planting

If you thought prepping your home’s interior for the change of seasons took a lot of planning and work, you must not have started tackling your yard. Readying your yard for autumn can be just as challenging and labor intensive. However, if you start early and create a checklist you will likely have everything done in time for Christmas (I’m kidding). In all seriousness, creating a master plan will go a long way in helping you accomplish the following tasks: Fall Pruning Fall’s cool weather provides the ideal climate to get outside and prune those woody plants. However, don’t get … Continue reading