Children And Money

When your teenager gets a job it’s a huge step for them towards being an adult. When Hailey was younger I didn’t really teach her about money management because we didn’t have any left over for her to manage. I tried to set a good example. As a single mother many times I lived hand to mouth but I let her know the importance of paying your bills first, taking care of anything that is a true need, saving some for a rainy day, and then, if there is anything left, getting something you want. When Hailey got her first … Continue reading

Making Sure Your Kids Understand Debit and Credit Cards

Money is a difficult concept to understand, especially when it comes in so many different forms—checks, currency, coins. Add to that the concept of debit cards and credit cards, it really gets confusing, and kids don’t always grasp all the nuances. They see their parents swipe a card in a machine, the cashier lets them keep the stuff they chose, and it’s all pretty cool. When we use plastic instead of paper money, it can lead our children to have a disconnect between the reality that in order to spend money at the store, we need to make it and … Continue reading

Some Twists on Family Movie Night

Maybe you already set aside an evening regularly to watch movies as a family. This can be a fun way to spend some extra time together. You can take turns selecting movies or have a movie marathon, allowing each family member to select a favorite. This time of year it might be fun to sit down together and watch classic holiday specials. You can rent movies, go pay per view, view movies you already have copies of, or choose from those available in your TV listings. You can make special treats or snacks or have “party food” instead of a … Continue reading

Pretend credit cards – Bank of Mom and Dad

Credit card offers flood our mail boxes year round, yet the volume seems especially heavy around the holidays when banks know that many of us are hastily purchasing goodies for friends and family. The flow of these offers does not let up in the New Year either, as balance transfer and deferred payment offers seems as attractive as the diamond necklace you received on the 25th. Instead of discarding these offers straightaway, give the envelope a good once-over, feeling for something rectangular and a bit hard. A good plenty of the envelopes that arrive in the Post come with fun … Continue reading