Unusual Pet Products

On a recent MSN list of “unusual ways to make a buck,” 5 of the 21 items on the list were about pets.  That doesn’t seem like that many, but it’s the largest single category on the list.  The pet inventions are Pet Rocks, Doggles, Petite Amande, Pet Butler, and Neuticles.  Given the age of that first item, it doesn’t require much explanation; we all know what it is. Let’s look at the other pet products on the list in increasing order of ridiculousness.  That means Pet Butler is up next.  It might seem crazy – a butler for your … Continue reading

Pets Can Have Senior Moments, Too!

Senior pets — generally, that means pets over the age of seven, but it varies depending on species, breed, and size — can suffer from a lot of the same problems senior humans do. That includes the dreaded, embarrassing, or frustrating “senior moment”. What’s a senior moment? It’s a cute name for a somewhat disturbing problem. Your brain just won’t feed you the information you need — even though you KNOW you know it. Some senior moments are innocent; others are indicators of a more serious memory issue in action. For pets, a senior moment may lead to a lost … Continue reading

Thoughts on Reuniting Lost Dogs with Owners

The story about Rocko the beagle who was reunited with his owners after five years got me to thinking: Should a pet always be returned to the original owners? Taking Responsibility In Rocko’s case, the Naranjo family obviously still loved the dog –even though they’d only had him for two months before he’d disappeared and he’d been gone for five years. However, they were willing to fork out some bucks and time to get him back. First they had to fly to Georgia to pick him up, then they had to rent a car and drive (14 hours I might … Continue reading

Lost Dog Reunion Story: Rocko the Beagle

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to Today while washing dishes. Before they went to commercial I heard them talk about a story coming up in the next half hour. Something to do with a little girl who had lost her dog when she was five, but now, five years later, had been reunited with it. I had meant to watch it, but didn’t. (I think the phone rang and distracted me.) I did, however, scour the Internet to read about it. Rocko the Beagle Rocko the beagle started life with the Naranjo family in Queens, New York. … Continue reading

Reducing and Preventing Aggression

You can reduce and prevent aggression in dogs of all breeds and all ages. If you have a puppy, or a dog under one year old: Socialize your dog to a wide variety of people: different ages, sexes, and body sizes. Socialize your dog to a wide variety of friendly dogs. Teach your dog to bite softly. Attend puppy kindergarten that uses reward methods for training and allows puppy play time. Handle your dog all over to get her used to being touched. Start as early as possible; the best age for socialization is between three and twelve weeks old. … Continue reading

A Pet’s Personality Can Help When They’re Lost

Is your dog friendly and outgoing? Friendly dogs will often go up to the first person who calls them. These dogs are often found relatively close to home, or are quickly picked up close to the escape point. (This can vary, depending on the population and area where the dog was lost.) The people who find extremely friendly, social dogs are often tempted to adopt them. Moose — my escape artist dog — is an outgoing, friendly sort of dog. I remember one morning jaunt he took when we still lived in Vermont. He bolted out the door as I … Continue reading

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto: 5 Steps to Help a Stray Pet Find Home

Photo by Bethan Hazell Extraordinary things happen on the most ordinary days at the most unexpected times. That’s always the case for me, at least. I never wake up thinking, “Yep, this’ll be the day I rescue a stray.” I can just be sitting at home, minding my own business, and suddenly have a stray run by, or come up to the door (it honestly happens), and next thing you know I’m making a new friend and trying to figure out where he or she came from and how to help them get back. One little neighborhood escape artist, Luke, … Continue reading

When Children Are Violent

Could your child become violent or aggressive towards you? I don’t think there is a parent in the world who could look at their young child and think that one day he or she would be violent towards them. Sadly, this is becoming more and more common. Children are becoming violent and the person who is taking the brunt of that violence is their parent. Some children quickly learn how to manipulate and control their parents and that can lead to more aggressive behavior when they are older. The very people who love a child are the ones the child … Continue reading

Federal Government Sues Blue Cross Blue Shield

Here is another court case that asks questions about what is, and what is not, acceptable in regards to health insurance. This time the Justice Department is suing the Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance company of Michigan. In this lawsuit, the question is about certain things that the insurance company is doing. Is the insurance company unlawfully preventing competition, and raising the cost of health insurance to it’s customers, or is it using the discounts it gets from hospitals to provide the best possible price to it’s customers? The Justice Department says that Blue Cross Blue Shield has been engaging … Continue reading

Other Man vs. Animal Double Standards

I covered the double standard of euthanasia as it applies to man vs. animal, but there are other double standards, too. Spaying and Neutering I believe “castration” is the term used for humans. The practice has been used for centuries for everything from medical purposes to warfare strategies against opposing armies. And, yes, even on occasion for population control. But the later especially drew criticism and cries of “Foul!” when discovered. With animals though? Heck, even Aimee and I advocate the owner responsibility of spaying and neutering your pet. There are all sorts of reasons why it’s so important, but … Continue reading