Don’t Make These Garage Sale Mistakes

Will your garage sale be a success or a flop. Sometimes it depends on avoiding the common garage sale mistakes. If you are planning a garage sale, make sure that you don’t get caught up in any of the following. Pricing Too High Sure, you may be able to get $5 a piece for clothing at an outgrown sale or $30 for that great toy on eBay, but garage sale shoppers are looking for a bargain. They won’t pay book prices, ever. Price your items low and make up the difference in volume. Many times we price items high because … Continue reading

Too Cold for a Garage Sale? Think Again

In my part of the country, when summer ends so do most of the garage sales. Notice that I said most. Because while you might not see any yard sale signs while driving around the town, there are plenty of garage sales out there, on weekends and on weekdays, if you know where to look. When the weather turns colder, the garage sales start to move indoors. They may be called by other names, such as barn sales, estate sales, outgrown sales, church sales or even moving sales. Instead of shopping from the lawn, you may do your shopping indoors, … Continue reading

Reasons Why Garage Sale Items Are Overpriced

You may remember a previous blog I posted that talked about how pricing at outgrown sales and thrift stores has been on the high side for me, lately. It seems that things are just so overpriced, even compared to retail (when on sale). Well, I have been noticing some of this same thing in garage sales. Not by any means the majority of garage sales. Most that I visited last weekend were quite reasonable. But there were a few sellers who wanted to hold out on high prices and tough to negotiate with. The response I kept hearing at these … Continue reading

Garage Sale Supplies

Whether you want to have a successful garage sale or clean up by shopping at one, there are several supplies that you should have on hand. These supplies will help you do well and save money. Let us start with the supplies that you will need when hosting a garage sale. If you are hosting a garage sale, it is important for you to display your goods in an attractive manner that encourages shopping. In order to do this, you should have lots of tables. Having things on tables sells more items than displaying them on the ground, with perhaps … Continue reading

Common Prices for Yard Sale Items

From furniture to toys, pricing your yard sale items properly can mean the difference between making a good amount of money and having a lot of leftover stuff. And don’t think that you can just have another yard sale later for the stuff that didn’t sell. Yard sale shoppers will remember those addresses that had high prices and are likely to avoid them. In general, here are some suggested prices for common items at a yard sale that will make them sell quickly: Books: 25 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcovers. Offer a bundle deal such as 5 paperbacks … Continue reading

Getting Organized for a Yard Sale

Having your own yard sale is a great way to de-clutter your home and earn a little extra spending money besides. But getting everything ready for a yard sale can be a daunting task. Here are some tips on how to get everything organized. Make a Staging Area Pick an out of the way area of your home where you can store, price and organize your yard sale inventory. Most people use the garage or a spare bedroom. Our neighbor makes use of a camper on their property. Having a place to go to drop things off as you find … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Supply Finds at Garage Sales

Ever the princess of frugal, I am always on the look out for good bargains and deals at garage sales, that I can actually use. I avoid purchasing anything if I don’t have an immediate use for it, or I cannot see the long term benefit of buying it. Recently I have attended many garage sales with scrapbooking supplies, and have been very fortunate to pick up some awesome deals on things I will most definitely use. That seems not only frugal to me, but a fun find as well. I got pretty lucky on the first weekend we attempted … Continue reading

The Recession and Garage Sales 2

Are you going to shop the garage sales this weekend? You might find things to be a little different than they were last year. I’m talking about how the recession may be affecting garage sale shopping. If you missed the first part of this article, please click here: The Recession and Garage Sales. Now let’s talk about pricing. When the economy is bad, you might think that garage sale items would decrease in value like everything else and go down in pricing. But the opposite might happen. People may feel that because buying new stuff is expensive then their old … Continue reading

The Recession and Garage Sales

The Memorial Day weekend is the official start to the yard or garage or tag sale season here on much of the east coast. I have gotten some of my very best bargains at Memorial Day weekend garage sales. Folks have spent the last few weeks doing their organizing and spring cleaning, and they are ready to sell their stuff. For my little area of Pennsylvania, the sales should be numerous, since this is the first nice weather that we have had in a week, and everyone should be out and about enjoying it one way or another, including holding … Continue reading

Finding the Best Garage Sales 2

If you missed the first part of this article, click here: Finding the Best Garage Sales The neighborhood can affect the price of items. In general, more affluent neighborhoods generally have nicer stuff, but I have also found that very affluent areas also have no idea what the prices for garage sale items should be. I assume that the owners never shop at garage sales, and therefore don’t know pricing, or they think that the items cost more new than they really do. Osh Kosh kids clothing is nice, but I would never pay more than 50 cents or perhaps … Continue reading