Mother’s Day Primary Program

If your ward is like most, the odds are good that your child (or children) will be singing on Mother’s Day weekend. Some children are comfortable with this, but there are many who are literally terrified by the idea of standing in front of a ward full of people and singing. Here are some steps you can take to help make sure your child is comfortable, enabling you to relax and enjoy their songs of love this Mother’s Day weekend. Start talking to your child now about singing. Remind them that everyone in the ward loves them, and no one … Continue reading

Primary Time: February Theme “I’ll Follow Him in Faith”

The sharing time theme for February is “I’ll Follow Him in Faith.” The children will learn that they can follow the Savior by doing the things that He would do if He were here now. They will learn to follow His example and to do the right things while here on Earth. This is a great theme to incorporate into the home. You can have a family home evening based on the theme. During the week you can ask your children what Jesus would have them do in certain situations. You may want to prepare some experiences to role-play with … Continue reading

Primary Program Preparation

If you are like me, you end September like this every year: you get a letter or handout from the Primary presidency telling you the songs your kids were supposed to have learned since the beginning of the year, and please make sure your kids are ready to sing them. You fly into a frenzy because, while you keep meaning to check on their progress, you also meant to be translated and, well, neither one managed to happen. My daughter is five, and though if you met her, you would never believe she was shy (she regularly hugs strangers no … Continue reading

Carnival of Educators -Drama Club Edition

Welcome to the November 17, 2009 edition of carnival of educators. This is the fourth edition of the Carnival of Educators. For those new to carnivals, they are basically blog or column posts that include links to tidbits from dozens of other carnivals. Each week the carnival is hosted at a different blog to spread the wealth and the work around. This weeks edition is the Drama Club edition. In the past two weeks, I have been to numerous homeschool and school productions, and my own kids are in the middle of Tech week for a play scheduled for five … Continue reading

LDS Week in Review August 27-September 1

I want to start the week in review by saying good bye to Nola. She explains her decision to leave in Farewell. I have really enjoyed reading her insights and having her as a coblogger. I wish her the very best. I also want to welcome Tristi aboard as an LDS blogger. She has been blogging here for some time in both Media and Movie reviews. She has also completed some guest LDS blogs. I know that she will have a lot to share as well. In Chronology of the Old Testament Nola explains how the events in the Old … Continue reading Downloadable Goodies

If you’ve been reading my blogs for more than three minutes, you already know that I’m something of a techongeek. I’d like to share another great download spot, in case you have missed it – the church’s website at I think I’ve mentioned in the past that you can download the scriptures from the church, but that’s just the tip of the iceburg – albeit, a great tip! First, let me show you how to locate this wealth of information. It is amazingly simple. Type in the church’s web address. On the top left side of the page, you’ll … Continue reading

Church Interactive Music Player

Did you ever have a hymn that you just couldn’t seem to master? Maybe you don’t know how to read music and could use some guidance on when to sing each note. Or maybe you don’t know the words at all, and want to practice. Perhaps you want to encourage your kids to prepare for the Primary program in a few months. The Interactive Music Player, found on the church website, is a great tool to help you with your hymns. To locate the player, go to the church website and select ‘gospel library’. Select ‘music’ from the dropdown menu, … Continue reading

Relief Society To Go!

In the past, I’ve talked to you about burning Primary songs and General Conference talks to your computer, and then to a CD. With the update of the church website, there is a new item to add to your computer – Relief Society and Elder’s Quoroum! If you find yourself often unable to read the lessons, consider putting them on a CD and listening to them on the road. This is what my husband does. He is currently working 12 hour days in a very physical job. It is becoming increasingly difficult for him to fit in time to prepare … Continue reading

The Friend Magazine

Written especially for the children of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Friend Magazine has been in circulation for decades. Designed to help children feel involved in the Church and to share stories that will uplift the reader, the magazine is a great combination of religious reinforcement, fun, and activities. The first few pages of each issue are devoted to a message from a member of the First Presidency of the Church, generally sharing an experience they had when they were children, or relating a story about an exceptional child they know. These messages are meant to … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Tell You’re an LDS Technogeek

After we hooked up my laptop to the television so that we could watch General Conference at home via the Internet, I concluded that my husband and I are both something of a technogeek. Surely I’m not the only person afflicted with this condition. To help others suffering from similar afflictions to identify themselves, I have put together a list. Sadly, I can easily check off most of these as occurring in my life. I even have a few blogs on the subjects at hand! So here it is; the top ten ways you can tell if you, too, are … Continue reading