Social Media was Not Designed for Tweens

Your tween may be bothering you, night and day, begging to be allowed to have their own social media accounts. Parents need to realize that social media was not designed for tweens. Despite what your tween may tell you, it is unlikely that everyone at their school is on social media. Social Media is for Age 13 and Up Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account. Twitter has advice for parents of teenagers who want to get their own Twitter account. That advice is not directed at tweens. Tumblr requires everyone … Continue reading

What to Expect When Your Kid Becomes a Tween

You may have been warned that your darling baby will become a teenager some day. There is plenty of advice out there about how to parent a teen. What appears to be lacking is the advice for parents whose children have suddenly become tweens. Here are some things to expect. What is a tween? In general, a tween is a person who is not a little kid anymore and who is not technically old enough to be an actual teenager. Teens are people who are 13 through 17. There is debate over whether an 18 or 19 year old is … Continue reading

Your Tween May be Posting Personal Information on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media website that is primarily about photos. People post selfies, photos of what they had for dinner, vacation photos, and whatever else they want to share online. What many parents don’t realize is that teens and tweens are sharing a lot more than photos on Instagram! The terms of service at Instagram state: “You must be at least 13 years old to use the Service”. It is possible for a teenager to simply make their own Instagram account without asking their parent for permission to do so first. Some parents will make an Instagram account … Continue reading

“Tweens”—Are They BIG “Little Kids” or Mini-teenagers?

This term “Tween” is relatively new—I think it started as a marketing term for those pre-teenagers who are considered such a huge target market for everything from Mary Kate and Ashley videos to Hannah Montana concerts. But, for a parent, are there special considerations that come with parenting teens. Should they be treated like big “little kids” or more like little teenagers? For many of us who have been through it, it usually seems like a little of both… For me, it seemed like things started getting a little kooky at the age of 9—looking back, that was when I … Continue reading

No Link Between Autism and Thimerosal

A report published today by the California State Department of Public Health says that they’ve done a longitudinal study that suggests there’s no link between vaccines that contain trace amounts of mercury and autism. Over a period of 12 years (1995 to 2007) autism cases in California continued to rise despite the fact that thimerosal has not been used in childhood vaccines since 2001. If theimerosal was to blame for autism, then the rate of autism cases should’ve dropped after 2001. Doctors are suggesting that this study is yet another piece of evidence against the idea that vaccinations cause autism. … Continue reading

Vaccine Profiles: DTaP

I promised that I would get around to discussing each vaccination individually. I am not an expert and this is not medical advice. Vaccines are very controversial and I certainly respect, even believe in every parent’s right to choose the best course of action for their children. My purpose is to try to provide good information for parents who are navigating their way through their child’s vaccinations. I have taken my information from several sources, including but not limited to the CDC website as well as Dr. Sears’ Vaccination Book. If you have a question please feel free to ask … Continue reading

Challenges of Homeschooling Tweens: Dealing with mood swings

I guess I should stop calling them my babies since they are almost my height. However, they are just so cute…sometimes I just want to pinch them. Other times I just want to pinch them! Homeschooling 9-13 year old Tweens can be quite challenging. Mood swings can throw a wrench in an otherwise productive day. My daughter will be laughing and enjoying a lesson one minute, and the next announce that my last joke “just was not funny”. My son will be having a productive day, have one difficult moment, and announce that his whole day “sucked”. This kind of … Continue reading

Naked Lunch

I had to get really creative, or at least desperate, with what was packed this morning in my kids’ lunches. Without bread, the sandwiches would be a bit, well, naked. You see, last night we never did get to the grocery store, so we are out of basics, such as bread, milk and dark chocolate. Yikes. Okay, so the dark chocolate was for me, but we do normally incorporate bread and milk somewhere in meals for our children. Typically, I am an uber-planner, well, an uber-planner wanna be. I haven’t yet obtained my certificate or badge, and the phrase “let … Continue reading

Pet Pardons

Are you a sucker for animal rescue stories? You all know I am. I post them here all of the time. However, I can’t keep up with the constant flood of good news, and even if I could that would mean I’d never post anything else on the Pets blog. As tempting as that sounds, it’s important that I keep my articles diverse. So today I’m going to profile a new website, Pet Pardons, that provides animal rescue stories 24/7. Now, you’re not likely to find many tales of hero dogs alerting their owners to midnight fires on Pet Pardons. … Continue reading

Stainless Steel Appliances

I’m thinking about remodeling my kitchen, ok, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Now it’s a money issue. I love researching ways to remodel my kitchen and what would a kitchen remodel be without new appliances? I love new appliances, the look, the feel, the sleek designs and the trendy colors. New appliances will eat up a large portion of your remodeling budget so it’s important to do your research. The latest trendy colors or even custom colors may be exactly what you’re looking for, but they may not be a good investment if you plan on … Continue reading