Scrapbooking: A Gift Album for the Troops

My family (just counting brothers and sisters) includes two Marines, a sailor, and a soldier – and dh is retired Navy. So we are intricately connected with the military. For my brother’s first tour to Iraq, he left just after getting married and buying a new house. He was so good about keeping the whole family updated! Well, most of the family. The notes and pictures he sent to my mom were a little different than what he gave the rest of us. As far as she knew, he had a “desk job”. We were admonished not to say otherwise, … Continue reading

Personalizing Your Care Packages

Recently, I found myself going through my husband’s footlocker and I discovered something that surprised me about my husband: He is really a sentimental sap. While he was in Iraq, I tried to do something outside of the box when it came to care packages. He had a PX, he had a Burger King, Pizza Hut and Subway available to him so food was not an issue but homesickness was a huge issue for him and I spent much of the time trying to find a way to make him feel a bit closer to home. Early in his deployment … Continue reading

Oberto Deep Discount

We love jerky in our house. It doesn’t have to be beef, though that and buffalo are the best. Turkey jerky is popular here. It’s a little different texture and taste; still good, just different. The one I haven’t tried yet is bear jerky. Yes, bear jerky. We’re in bear season here in the Northwest and jerky is a good way to preserve the meat. A whole bear has a LOT of meat on it. Don’t gasp too loudly at the killing of those “poor defenseless teddy bears by the big, bad hunters.” I’ve been hiking with my sons’ Boy … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: July 30 – August 5

Last week it finally dawned on me that summer vacation is almost over. I headed out to begin stocking up on school supplies and found some great sales. Finding such excellent deals on so many items persuaded me that this was a Good Time to Buy Supplies for the Home Office. Julie Gentry commented on that article and offered another tip, stating: “We also use this time to stock up on supplies to send overseas through” What a terrific idea! *Click here to learn more about AnySoldier. Next, on the list was Building a Deck. We are planning to … Continue reading

My Response To William Arkin Of The Washington Post

I have pretty thick skin when it comes to those who protest the war and even those who bad mouth the troops. I spent a year writing a column in Greenville, Michigan, during my husband’s deployment to Iraq. I refused to write under any name but my own, though I was encouraged to do so for my own protection. I don’t like being bullied and I refused to hide or be ashamed of my husband’s service. This week, even my thick skin was penetrated to the core of my being as I found the same link in my email three … Continue reading

Silly String: Lifesaving Gift for Soldiers?

Have you heard that Silly String or other brands similar to this product may be the best gift you can give our troops? It sounds, well… a little silly, but it’s actually quite serious. The Marines apparently came up with the idea but word is traveling fast. Silly String can be sprayed as troops enter buildings in order to locate trip wires. Talk about thinking on your feet! These guys know how to improvise! If the string goes straight down, no problem. If it seems to hang in the air, it could be due to nearly invisible trip wires, which … Continue reading

John Kerry’s “Joke” No Laughing Matter?

By now, most people have heard what John Kerry recently said about getting a good education or you’ll “get stuck in Iraq.” He tried to play it off, claimed that he simply misspoke, and that he had intended to bash the Commander in Chief instead of the troops (as if that were a good thing). He claimed it was a botched joke, but unfortunately for him, nobody is laughing. Kerry was asked to apologize, which he would not immediately do. After hearing terms like “political suicide,” used to describe his career and future election plans, he did apologize. At first … Continue reading

September 11 Ideas

Monday is the sad anniversary of September 11, 2001. Stop and take a moment to remember. Do you remember all the American flags that flew that day and days after? Let’s give tribute to the lives of innocents and heroes lost that day and every day after. You can also help your kids make projects to commemorate this day in our history. Tie a great big yellow ribbon around a tree in your yard. Make a ribbon and hang it on your front door. Sketch it on poster board, have your kids color it, cut it out, and hang it … Continue reading