Parents Magazine Puts First Child with Spina Bifida on Cover

This month, when you are walking past the magazine section in the grocery store, stop and take a look at Parents Magazine. The cover features an adorable little girl named Emily. This cover photo makes history. It is the first time a magazine has put a child with spina bifida on the cover. Emily Kiecher is an adorable three year old. She has been selected as the cover model for Parent Magazine’s February 2013 edition. Emily has blond hair, a happy smile, and a pink, poofy, skirt that only a preschooler can get away with wearing in public. It matches … Continue reading

The Smiley Face Collection

Years ago, when I was single and working full time in an office, I had a smiley face collection. It started out innocently enough, with a poster of various smiley faces that I hung in my cubical to brighten things up and lighten the mood of the office. It was all downhill from there. Once that poster went up, people started giving me things with smiley faces for my desk. I had a smiley face mug, a paper weight that dripped red and blue liquid over smiley face wheels like a water mill, a smiley face pillow, a smiley face … Continue reading

Happy Helping Husbands

Today I took my kids, including my newest addition, to story time at the public library. My oldest son loves it. I frequently meet other moms there and get a chance to get out of the house and feel a little “normal”. Or at least, as normal as I can with a new baby around. Today I sat next to a Mom and we started chatting. She had 4 kids (twins in the middle) and her youngest was still a baby, although starting to toddle around. During the conversation, she said that she and her husband were going through a … Continue reading

When the Holiday’s Aren’t So Happy

There are plenty of things for children to be excited about during the holidays. After all, what’s not to like about days off of school, and presents from Santa? For some children, though, the holidays bring out symptoms of depression. This is something that parents need to be aware of. You probably are aware that Christmas, and the holiday season that surrounds it, can make many people depressed. For adults, this can stem from worries about finances, and from the stress that is involved in organizing family get-togethers. Adults may also be grieving the loss of loved ones who have … Continue reading

A Kid Happy To Get Clothes

When I am remembering our first Christmas as a family one thing that Steve did sticks with me to this day, when he unwrapped his presents he put them to the side and did not think they were for him to play with. When Steve got some new clothes he was so excited he got up ran to the bathroom and tried each and every thing on. He was more excited about having new clothes that were his than he was about having new toys. When we watched this happened it occurred to us that he may not have ever … Continue reading

Put On A Happy Face

It’s always important to be a positive role model for your children, not only in the things you do but in your outlook on life as well. This is especially important if you are a single parent. It’s very important that you have taken care of your emotional needs and are in a good place when you interact with your children. As their sole custodial parent you have the most influence on their attitude and outlook on life. It’s very easy to get discouraged. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a house to run, it can be … Continue reading

Tips for Creating a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage – isn’t that what all of us want? What can you do to increase your chances of a happy marriage? Here are some suggestions. You can often tell when a marriage is happy or when it is not. It shows in the faces of the couple as they look at each other and relate to others. It shows in the way they talk about their spouse. They don’t criticize and draw attention to his or her faults. Rather they draw attention to their loved one’s good points. They certainly don’t talk negatively about their spouse when they … Continue reading

When Someone You Love Won’t Face Their Depression

I have found myself in a difficult situation. I have come to believe that my husband, whom I love dearly, is suffering from depression. He is expressing a lot of common symptoms. He has lost interest in doing things, to the extent that he will sit in front of the TV all day. He doesn’t have any desire to play with our children. He’s moody and sarcastic. He rarely has anything positive to say. He’s irritable. He has little to no patience. He will sneak away any chance he has and nap. He has no desire for sex. Adding to … Continue reading

SayEducate Blog Picks Top Five Car Insurance Companies

Let’s face it, people like to complain about their car insurance. Most states require all drivers to purchase car insurance, and no one likes being told that they have to spend money on something, (even if it is something they need). No matter what you are paying on your car insurance premiums, you probably think it’s too expensive. If so, you might be looking around for a new insurance company. The blog at SayEducate has a list of the top five car insurance companies. You may want to give one of them a try. The price of your auto insurance … Continue reading

Get Out Of My Face!

My poor baby couldn’t catch a break this morning. We have a morning routine. I hear her stirring (she sleeps with us), roll over to feed her quickly, then pick her up for some pajama snuggles. After we’re all snuggled out, I change her diaper, since it is usually saturated with pee. It’s during diaper changing that I have a prime view up her nose. Yes, I admit it: I’m one of those mothers – the kind that hates boogers in her baby’s nose. I could see a big one, so I got my bulb syringe and got to work. … Continue reading