Tax Credits for Homeschoolers in the News Again

U.S. Senator David Vitter introduced a bill earlier this month to provide tax relief for homeschooling families. The bills would allow tax deductions of $500.00 per child with a yearly limit of $2,000.00 for K-12 activities. The bill (S 3076 IS) would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. It is currently in the first step of the legislative process meaning it is still in committee. It has been read twice and referred to the Senate Committee on Finance. His reasoning is that parents of private schools get tax credits, so homeschool parents should as well. I can find no … Continue reading

Voting for Homeschooling in the Presidential Elections

I am reluctantly writing this to address some questions recently posed to me about homeschooling and various candidates’ positions. My disclaimer is that I haven’t read every single piece of paper, every speech, nor have I reviewed every voting record out there. Which candidate do you think is most against homeschooling? Hillary Clinton, hands down is most opposed to homeschooling. She supports school choice, universal preschool and a slew of other legislation that could stand in direct opposition to homeschooling. On a side note, I have actually met her, and she feels strongly that homeschoolers should have more oversight at … Continue reading

The Most Talked About Homeschooling Blogs in 2007

This is my annual list of the most talked about blogs in 2007. We love comments, and the more the better! If you have been wanting to peruse the homeschooling blog but weren’t sure where to start. . .this is the place to be! My Top 5 Math Curriculum Picks In Defense of Teaching Creation Too Much Information Homeschooling or Housekeeping? Why We Are Not Testing Our Gifted Son Reason #2 Why Tax Credits Are Wrong for Homeschoolers You Call That Homeschooling? The National Lunch Association Takes Aim at Those Who Dare to Eat at Home It Has Been a … Continue reading

Top 5 Resources for November 23: Virtual Field Trips

Welcome to today’s edition of Top 5 Resources. Today’s theme takes you out of the classroom and into the world. . .from home. I am focusing on virtual field trips and other websites that are focused on taking your kids into the outside world! Everything from planning, to going to concluding you’ll find in today’s resource. I have actually found so many interesting places to see and things to do that I may just feature this a few times. If you have a suggestion for the top 5 resources theme, please let me know! #1. Internet 4 Classrooms This site … Continue reading

Homeschooling in Pennsylvania: Operating a Homeschool

Note: When I first started at, I began a series on home schooling laws for each state. Then I moved to baby, then to food, and now I’m back again in home schooling. At someone’s request, I’ve decided to resume the series where I left off. I am covering each state alphabetically and will continue to do so until I’m done. Eventually, I hope to be able to provide those who are seeking information on home schooling information about laws as well as information about various organizations, events etc. in each state. This is not legal advice. As someone … Continue reading

Ask a Homeschooling Blogger: Why Are You So Against Government Involvement? Part 3

Note: As I have explained in my first blog this morning, I have received an e-mail that I think articulates the opinions of many who do not home school and don’t understand why those of us who do might see government intervention as a bad thing. I generally ignore these letters because they are often riddled with poor language and have clearly not been thought out. For the original question in part, please see the first blog. This is a continuation of my response. Monies to Fund My Homeschool I suspect my blogs on why tax credits are bad for … Continue reading

The Joy of Homeschooling

If I’ve never mentioned it, I really love my husband’s schedule. He works 2 hours on Fridays, is home by 5pm two days per week, doesn’t even leave the house until 9am two other days per week, has about three weeks off at Christmas, two weeks at the end of March and August and most of September off–and he gets paid for it. We joke that he barely works. So I sound like a whimp when I say that this morning my husband’s usual leisurely Friday morning routine was interrupted by. . .having to do something early. He had to … Continue reading

Some More Thoughts on Homeschooling More Than One

I was asked recently on another blog about home schooling more than one child. While it has been covered in the home schooling blog before, I thought I’d share some insight on home schooling five, and some practical tips on how we manage. Although I think most who normally read this blog know this, by way of reintroduction, I have five kids. While I still maintain that preschool is optional, most of my younger children want to at least read every day. So I will say that I’m home schooling three preschoolers, one gifted first grader and one third grader. … Continue reading

Reason #2 Why Tax Credits Are Wrong for Homeschoolers

Only one presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has suggested that tax credits for homeschoolers is a good idea. While I mentioned that I like a lot of what he says about education, this is not one of his ideas that I support. I considered ducking away from the virtual tomatoes being thrown but so far those who have commented on my last blog, are willing to hear me out. So here is another reason that tax credits for homeschoolers is a bad idea. Qualified educators currently can claim $250 on qualified purchases from the IRS. Most homeschoolers spend at least that … Continue reading