Ways to Avoid Food Waste

One sure way to reduce the amount of money you spend on food is to avoid wasting any of it. The average American wastes up to 50 percent of the food that they buy. From half-eaten sandwiches and chicken nuggets left by the kids to lettuce that wilts and leftovers that turn into science experiments, chances are that you throw some food away every day. Think about your food bill and halve it or even quarter it if you are better than average. That is how much money you are throwing away. A $200 food bill could be reduced to … Continue reading

Recession Planning

I was talking to a friend this week who is very worried about the economy. She is a stay-at-home mom and they rely entirely on her husband’s income. Recently there have been lay-offs at his workplace, so they are incredibly worried about their financial stability. She told me she was going to start stocking cans of food, “just in case.” That totally took me back… stocking cans of food?? This family has tons of money in investments, so even if her husband lost his job… they would have a large savings, plus unemployment income to live off. Still, she was … Continue reading

Turkey as Diet Food

I know many of us consider turkey an annual binging food that we only see on Thanksgiving so what I am about to say may shock you. Turkey is an excellent diet food. Mind you, I said turkey, not turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and whipped cream. I’m a very busy mother of two boys so finding time to prepare healthy meals for myself between kiddie meals and bottles is practically an impossibility. Like most mothers, if I have nothing available that can be microwaved in less than two minutes and eaten, I usually fall back … Continue reading

Food and Gas Price Report

The U.S. Labor Department reported today that food and gas prices are skyrocketing along with unemployment rates. People all over will need to tighten their belts and do it quickly. What is actually happening and how can you save and stay ahead? Here are some answers and ideas. Overall, according to the Labor Department’s report, consumer prices overall rose 0.3 percent in March. That is a list of all consumer goods, from french fries to potting soil. Inflation is up a whopping 4 percent from the past 12 months. The two biggest increases that we see for prices are energy … Continue reading

How Much Are Food Prices Really Rising?

If you are wondering exactly how much food prices have been rising, let me share with you some U.S. federal date. Compared to last year, wholesale egg prices have risen 60 percent, pasta has risen 30 percent and fresh produce has risen by 20 percent. Unfortunately, this data is a little old. It doesn’t take into consideration recent months when food prices have really been soaring. Overall, prices for food have risen by 5.8 percent above last year. And, they are expected to increase by 7.5 percent every year for the next five years. Other resources report that baby formula, … Continue reading

Analysts Predict Ten Years of High Food Prices

According to an Associated Press (AP) report, food prices are soaring worldwide and we probably won’t see any relief for the next ten years. Countries from Equador to Italy, Japan to Mexico are seeing food prices jump up astronomically. Many families are finding that the cannot feed their families. The poorest countries are the worst effective, but even is more prosperous countries, such as egypt and Italy, violence and protests over food prices are emerging. AP reports: “’It’s not likely that prices will go back to as low as we’re used to,” said Abdolreza Abbassian, economist and secretary of the … Continue reading

Fast Food Recession Menu

One thing that the economy is stimulating is the desire for restaurants to capture whatever money you are willing to spend on outside food. As food prices increase and people start to panic, there is less eating out. Even typical college or high school kids, who tend to be fast food’s biggest customers, are spending their money to fuel their cars instead of their bodies. In response to all of this, many fast food places are responding with more value not less. If they can present a greater amount of food for less money, they believe, the customers will come. … Continue reading

Whole Turkey Versus Turkey Breasts: Cost Comparison

In an article from last week, I talked about the great value of a whole turkey. One question that came up was about buying turkey breasts instead, for a family that won’t eat the dark meat. So, I thought I would do a cost comparison between the price of a whole turkey and purchasing turkey breasts, so see where the better value lays. After roasting our whole turkey, we cut off the breasts and weighed them to do the cost breakdown. This isn’t a completely fair comparison for two reasons. We are comparing a whole turkey that is not on … Continue reading

Recession Food: Whole Turkey

As food prices are continuing to increase, so is the worry that many families, like my own, are facing. Staples such as milk, eggs, and now wheat will cost more that usual this year. Other products, such as corn and anything made with corn (which is a high percentage of foods, from goods made with high fructose corn syrup to processed meats) are also increasing due to the demand for corn crops being used as an alternative fuel. Add in the pressure of a recession, and well, let’s just say that it will take some clever shopping to make your … Continue reading

Preparing for Worse Times Ahead 2

Leading experts tell us that the economy will continue to get worse before it can recover. Are you prepared? Check out the first article in this series and then read below for some ways to prepare for worse times ahead. To get that emergency fund going, sock away any extra money you have, whether it is one dollar or a hundred. Any unexpected income should go straight to savings. Skip eating out and put that money straight into an account before you spend it elsewhere. Reduce your driving to one day a week if you can and put the gas … Continue reading