Relief Society Presidents: Elaine L. Jack

The first Relief Society president from outside of the United States, Elaine L. Jack was born March 22, 1928 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada only a quarter of a block away from the Alberta Temple. Elaine graduated high school as valedictorian, and went on to attend the University of Utah. During her first year of college, she met her future husband, Joseph E. Jack, although they didn’t become engaged until he graduated medical school. Married in the Alberta Temple on September 16, 1948, the young couple moved immediately to New York, where Joe completed his internship and residency. Two years later, … Continue reading

Relief Society Presidents: Belle S. Spafford

When Belle Spafford was called as Relief Society president in 1945, the one hundred thousand members were primarily English-speaking. When she was released nearly thirty years and six Prophets later, membership was close to a million, spread throughout sixty-five countries. And to think that she had to be converted to Relief Society! Born October 8, 1895, two months after the death of her father, Marion Isabelle Sims Smith was the youngest of seven children. Thanks to a monthly income received from her husband’s business, Belle’s mother, Hester, was able to stay home, though times were tight. Still, Belle and her … Continue reading

Relief Society Presidents: Louise Y. Robison

Although March was the birthday month, these didn’t get posted. Since I know you are just aching to read all about these remarkable women, I decided to go ahead and share them in April! I hope you enjoy! Called to lead the Relief Society during the depression years, Louise Yates Robison did not seem to be the ideal candidate. Shy and self-effacing, it was difficult for her to go into her son’s office building to pick him up from work. Yet, with the Lord’s help, she was able to overcome this fear and lead the Relief Society for eleven years. … Continue reading

The LDS Week in Review April 16-21

This week we had a wide variety of topics covered. You can learn more about the gospel doctrine lessons by reading Gospel Doctrine: “I Am a (Spiritual) Child of God”, Gospel Doctrine: “Give Ye Them to Eat”, and Gospel Doctrine: Christ’s “Straightway” and “Immediately.” This week there were several blogs about Relief Society. We learned more about the role of the enrichment committee in Serving in the Relief Society: Enrichment Committee. You can also learn more about past Relief Society presidents by reading Relief Society Presidents: Belle S. Spafford, Relief Society Presidents: Barbara B. Smith and Relief Society Presidents: Barbara … Continue reading