Apartment Fire Caused by Candle

Early this morning, several emergency vehicles drove down my street. They were responding to a fire that broke out in an apartment in a building near where I live. The fire could have been prevented. State Farm has some advice about how to prevent a house fire from happening. Fires are destructive. Homeowners insurance is designed to help people with the financial losses that can happen after their house catches on fire. It gives the policyholder some money to replace the items that they lost. Renters insurance functions in the same way. People who live in an apartment cannot rely … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Week in Review – July 15 – 21, 2012

Once a week, the Insurance Blog Week in Review brings you an easy way to “ketchup” on the blogs that have been posted here in the past seven days. There could be anywhere between twelve and fourteen blogs that appear. What did you miss? Governor Jay Nixon Vetoes Law Denying Birth Control Coverage Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a bill that would have allowed health insurers to opt-out of covering birth control even if the employer and employee wanted it to be covered. Missouri already has a law that allows employers or workers opt-out of birth control coverage if it … Continue reading

Renters Insurance Replaces Items After Fire

If you are renting then it is a very good idea to purchase renters insurance. Your landlord’s insurance policies will not cover the replacement of your stuff if a fire occurs. This could leave you with absolutely nothing, and no financial assistance to replace it. Unfortunately, this sad situation happens all the time. Renters insurance coverage provides people with some financial protection in case something bad happens. For example, if a fire burns down your apartment building, it is your renters insurance policy that will help you to replace some of your damaged property. If someone breaks into your apartment, … Continue reading