Celebrities Having A Bad Day

Friday was not a good day for Oscar-nominated director John Singleton. According to police reports, 39-year-old Singleton killed a female jaywalker who stepped in front of his Lexus SUV as he was driving it down a street in L.A.’s Jefferson Park neighborhood. The 57-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead shortly after the incident. Singleton, meanwhile, was questioned by police and later released. According to officers on the scene, the director waved down squad cars responding to the accident and identified himself. Police say Singleton (who made his film debut in 1991’s “Boyz N The Hood”) … Continue reading

How To: Respond To Your Child’s Report Card

When I received Tyler’s report two weeks ago, there were no surprises. I knew already that he had made all A’s because the honor’s program was held the day before. But for those parents who don’t know in advance what their child’s grades will be, report card day can be a time of fear and worry. How do you respond to your child’s grades? I subscribe to a newsletter called Family Education and in the current issue they offer these tips on how to respond to your child’s grades. (1) Accentuate the positive- No matter what grades they bring home, … Continue reading

The Importance of Getting Organized

Many high school graduates will be heading off to their first semester of college before long. Many of those students are well grounded and have a strong hold on what they want in their future. However others do not. For that group of students who do not have a strong hold on their goals and dreams, college may take them for a whirl. Buckling down and studying and getting a grip on class work may be a little harder for these students. There are some things that students can do to enhance their success in college (and these tips will … Continue reading

More about Portfolios

Previously I had discussed how teachers are being pushed now more than ever to create individualized student plans. In this creation of individualized planning, many suggest tracking your students’ progress through portfolios. While there is much research to suggest that portfolios do provide benefits to both teachers and students, many teachers are reluctant to begin them with their class. I had begun talking about some of the reasons that teachers are hesitant to use portfolios in my last article. Another reason why some teachers do not use portfolios in class is because they are uncertain how to assess them or … Continue reading

How Will You Grade Your Students?

One major aspect about school that concerns teachers, students, and parents alike is grades. States and school districts all have a set standard for grades and grading. They have a grading scale for all schools that places a numerical number with a letter grade. While teachers are bound to these numbers and letters to try to ensure that all students are grade as equally as possible, there are still many different levels of grading. Within their own classroom teachers can use many different methods and styles to grade their students. In addition to having different methods of obtaining grades, teachers … Continue reading

I Have to Meet with My Child’s Teacher about Possible Retention

It is that dreaded time of year again when teachers have to begin making phone calls to set-up meeting with parents. The dreaded part is not the calling or the meeting but what has to be discussed- the child’s progress and possible retention. No parents like the thought of their child being retained. Wait a minute! That statement is probably not true. We did have a kindergarten parent tell us on the day of registration that her son would have to be held back and repeat kindergarten! Lots of faith she had, huh? Anyway back to the point! Retention is … Continue reading

Living the Good Life

The following is a story Randy started writing in Microsoft Word. It was only a few weeks after the boys came to live with us. The moonwalk is actually a trampoline. The dog was sixteen years old and has since died of old age and the boys now have a younger, friskier, bigger dog that loves kids and we have added one cat to the collection. Other than that, I think it is still a pretty accurate account. LIVING THE GOOD LIFE BY RANDY Hello it was hard getting here. I was not doing well before and so we came … Continue reading