Review of four free Internet browsers (Reviews part 1)

The first part of this blog provided a brief introduction to Internet browsers and the four browsers that I will review. I’ve broken the review up into two parts to make for easier reading. Reviews are organized alphabetically by browser name. ● Firefox 1.5. Firefox, by Mozilla, is the only open source browser of the four found here. Open source means that the programming code that allows the program to run is available and modifiable. Furthermore, Firefox was developed by users around the world using the open source format so you can think of it as a browser designed to … Continue reading

Review of four free Internet browsers (introduction)

You may remember when Internet usage was heating up in the mid-1990’s and a lot of people were trying to customize the look and feel of how they used the Internet At the time, there were two major players in the Internet browser department: Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape Explorer. Looking back, the differences between those two browsers were not so great, though they may have seemed large. The key difference that became more clear as time went on was that Internet Explorer was created and backed by Microsoft. Eventually, IE became the default browser for most since it came … Continue reading

Fatherhood and Computers (A Brief Introduction)

I’m a citizen of the internet and as such I frequently come across interesting things online. I share these things with people who would also find them interesting. Most often my students are the people who would find my internet perusals valuable and they are subjected to the best of what I find. Oftentimes, since I’m currently teaching a film class, this involves innovative videos created by random individuals that I can use to demonstrate a particular concept in an entertaining way. My other hobby (addiction) is technology blogs. I’ve recently become a user and advocate of open source software. … Continue reading

Giving away your old computer 4 – Security Software

It is important to prepare your old computer before giving it away. One of the most important things you can do to prepare your computer is to delete and erase all of your personal files and documents. After you have cleaned the system of any personal files, you can begin thinking about what software products you want to leave installed on the computer. Continuing this series of preparing your computer for donation, the next step is to install any security software and download the latest updates. Security Software I have previously written on the need for security software. It is … Continue reading

Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Tagging on the Internet is becoming more popular every day. is one of many Web sites that use tags to organize information into an accessible and usable format. Today, we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions about tagging. Be sure to check out the next blog on how to tag on Why tag? What are tags used for? Tagging helps organize the content on in a logical and orderly manner so you can easily find articles and blogs on topics you are looking for. If you are looking for information on a specific topic, you … Continue reading