Review: The Phonetic Zoo

Ever since my daughter was in Kindergarten she has struggled with spelling. We had a few good years due to a great curriculum and active hands on word studies. However, as she hit the junior high level she was no longer interested in spelling games yet still lacked spelling skills. She is a very intelligent girl but spelling is not her forte. I thought that she would simply have to live out the rest of her life as a poor speller. After all, I know plenty of people who have resigned themselves to be poor spellers. My daughter, now in … Continue reading

Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (The Phonetic-The Write)

The Phonetic Zoo is a “self-teaching spelling program”. The phonetic Zoo uses a combination of visual and auditory teaching methods and is available in elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. A web placement test will help you determine which level you need. The set comes with audio CDs, flashcards, and a booklet to explain the program. The Readers Quest is an online reading program that teaches children to read independently. A statement on the site says, “The Reader’s Quest is a homeschool-friendly site, but it is not just for homeschoolers. It is for any parent or grandparent interested in encouraging their … Continue reading

Homeschool Curriculum Glossary Index

After spending the better portion of two months making a homeschool curriculum glossary, I thought an index page was in order. Click on the curriculum you are interested in and you will be taken to the page that contains the description for it. 10 Days of Multiplication A Basic History of the United States A Beka A Child’s History of the World A Child’s Story of America A Reason for Handwriting A Reason for Science A Reason for Spelling About Three Preschool Workbooks Accelerated Achievement Accelerated Christian Education Activity Math Add em Up Alpha Omega Lifepacs AmblesideOnline American Girl Books … Continue reading