The Effects of the Media on Romance

Where do our irrational romantic impulses come from? Are they just something we naturally want; after all, everyone likes to be spoiled. But often we equate all romance with grand gestures, or expect our relationships to play out like fairy tales. We have the media to blame for that. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, and it must seem like I think we shouldn’t watch movies or television. I don’t believe that at all, but I can testify that too many romcoms, or at least, not approaching them in the right way, can have a negative effect. … Continue reading

Romance in the Garden

Do you have a garden? Have you thought of your garden as a place of romance? As any of you who are regular readers of my blogs will know I am not a gardener. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the garden. I enjoy the benefits of tasty vegetables Mick grows. His fresh tomatoes are amazing – far tastier than those in shops. And I’m eagerly waiting for the first passion fruit, my absolutely favorite fruit, to ripen. Knowing what a fan I am Mick has planted several along the back fence and three more along a trellis plus one … Continue reading

A Passion for Rhodesians: An Interview with Author Maris Soule

I’m kicking myself for not getting my tail in gear and publishing this interview last week. Posting romance (and mystery) author Maris Soule’s interview on Valentine’s Day would have been mighty apropos. Ah well, I goofed. But…at least it’s still being posted in February, the month of love. That works. What does Maris love? (Besides writing.) Well, I’ll give you a hint. They’re often furry, four-legged, and what us other pet lovers love…our animals! Below she tells us about what kind of animals grace both her life and her work. Courtney Mroch: What kind of things do you write about? … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Romance

You may not think Mother’s Day is a day for romance, but I actually think it’s a fantastic opportunity for Dad’s everywhere to appreciate their wives. Celebrating our mothers or being celebrated for our motherhood is wonderful, but being remembered as wives and women is a lot sexier. Mothers are Women Every mother is a woman. She was once a little girl, she became a teenager a young woman and she even became a blushing bride. When she became a mother and a wife, she never stopped being a woman. It may surprise some men to hear this, but even … Continue reading

The Passionate Era of Early Marriage

I was talking to a young woman yesterday who is getting married in June. She is excited about the wedding and bubbled over with the details of the wedding ceremony, her fiancé and more. Despite my own exhaustion, I couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm and her passion. It reminded me of when my husband and I were in the early stages of planning our wedding – the enthusiasm, the excitement and even the titillation of planning a life together and I started thinking of everything they have to look forward to. It’s Good to Remember It’s good for … Continue reading

Letters of Love: Color & Music

When we’re young and married, we expect our spouses to be with us for the rest of our lives. But as we age, our spouse may predecease us and our children grow and they may leave us alone. It is this time of our lives when we may seek the companionship of others and if we’re truly fortunate, we may find another – a friend, a companion and even another love who can share what we colorfully call the golden years of our lives. Today’s letter is from one such woman to the man who has brought color and sound … Continue reading

Love Letters: Tracy & Hepburn

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, need I say anymore? For those of you who are not fans (and shame on you if you are not) – Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn were Hollywood classics who felt an instant attraction for each other and despite her reputation as the outspoken, trailblazer that she was – what Tracy wanted to do, where he wanted to live, even what films he wanted to make – that was what Hepburn wanted to do too. Friends & Lovers Despite her outspoken nature, Hepburn was an intensely private woman and her infamous relationships with Hugh Hefner … Continue reading

Ideas & Romance

Romance ideas sell more magazines, books and movies than sex. It should be telling that most people can figure out the latter, but the former should be offered at college level as a required course. The final wouldn’t even have to be a test, because life will offer enough pop quizzes on romance to fill an entire issue of just about any woman’s magazine. When men and women come together in relationships, they are often looking for partners that share common interests, common goals and with whom they wouldn’t mind seeing at 5 a.m. with no sleep and hair that … Continue reading

Passion Doesn’t Have to Die

Passion doesn’t have to die in a relationship. However, passion does decline somewhat – partially because we change the level of intensity is based on the allure and newness of a relationship. At the beginning of any relationship, we idealize our partners. We see them for most of their glory and few of their flaws. As we get to know them and build our relationship, we begin to learn about some of their faults and in a way – it’s like some of the shine rubs off. What’s important to realize is that relationship is a lot like a shiny … Continue reading

Marriage, Love & Sex

There is a distinct relationship between love, sex and marriage. In an ideal world, sex is a natural component to love and marriage. However, we often confuse and blur the lines whether it’s based on personal experience, popular culture or something else. There is a statement that I read in a relationship guide book once that said: men need to have sex to feel loved while women need to feel loved to have sex. In general, I think this statement is true. Many women will not commit to a sexual relationship with someone they don’t feel actively cares about them. … Continue reading