A Couple of Genealogy Terms for You

Every so often, I like to add some new words to my vocabulary. I really enjoy having a big vocabulary because, let’s face it, words are a lot of fun. My son, who is nineteen months old, is adding a new word or two to his vocabulary every day or so. I am so pleased about that because he seems to like words just as much as I do. While these two words won’t be on the tip of his tongue any time soon, if you are into genealogy they just might come in handy for you. At the very … Continue reading

Sandborn Fire Insurance Maps Now Online

Have you ever looked at a Sandborn Map? The University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library recently added more of them to its digital collection of historic maps. Genealogists can use these maps to learn a little bit more about their ancestors, especially if those ancestors lived in Utah. The Sandborn Maps are a series of maps designed by a surveyor named D.A. Sandborn. They are of commercial, industrial and residential sections of various cities. The maps were created between 1867 and 1969. The purpose of creating these detailed maps was to assist agents at fire insurance companies to determine … Continue reading