Free TV at 35,000 Feet

Southwest Airlines is giving passengers another way to stretch their travel dollar.  The discount airline recently announced that it will be allowing customers to watch TV for free on all Wi-Fi enabled planes. The new “TV Flies Free” offer is a budget-conscious traveler’s dream come true.  Just bring along your own personal device–iPhone, iPad, iPod or other Internet-ready gadgets–and Southwest will hook you up with satellite TV provider Dish network’s 14 live TV channels and 75 on-demand shows.  The new service is currently being offered on the airline’s 425-plus Wi-Fi equipped planes, which is nearly 75% of Southwest’s entire fleet. While … Continue reading

Do You Use Your TV as a Babysitter?

Don’t be ashamed if you answered “yes.” My BFF in Hawaii pays a TON of money to get Noggin, Nick Jr. and the Disney Channel, which is one of the reasons she unabashedly refers to her satellite provider as Diego, Dora and Kai-Lan’s pimp. What’s more, you won’t catch my BFF cowering in a corner when confronted about her kids’ television viewing habits. She doesn’t flinch when admitting that she uses her TV as a babysitter quite regularly. In fact, she jokes about it all the time. My BFF reasons that if she were to hire a human babysitter, the … Continue reading

Are You Dissapointed with Your New Flat Screen TV?

I remember being able to buy a TV knowing it would last for a decade or more. In recent years, you knew they would at run for at least 305 years, but the new Flat screen TV’s are incredibly disappointing with many of them needing repair or replacement in a matter of month. I have one Philips flat screen TV that died in 18 months and cost $200 to repair. We chalked that up to bad luck and got a smaller version for the bedroom. Granted, it was a floor model as our frugal side would never allow us to … Continue reading

HDTV Super Bowl News

Are you all ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow? Do you have your chips, dips wings and things? Is your HDTV all ready to go? Even if you do have your big screen TV ready to go, you still might not be able to watch the big game in high definition format. No HDTV on Cable? Comcast cable subscribers may be surprised to know that the service provider, known for its push to its customers for digital cable and high definition programming, will not be delivering the Super Bowl in high definition format. This is because Comcast could not reach … Continue reading

Explaining the Upcoming Digital TV Conversion

Worried that your television won’t work? Do you need to buy expensive new digital equipment? Let’s weed through the confusion to explain exactly what the conversion is, how you will be affected and what you need. First of all, let’s talk about what the digital conversion is. Starting on February 18th, 2009, all full-power television broadcasters in the United States will turn off their old analog signals and broadcast in digital format only. This will potentially leave millions of television sets across the country cut off from programming. Turn on the television and get nothing but snow. How will this … Continue reading


Wondering if you should upgrade your television to a high definition unit? Here are the most common questions I have gotten about the HDTV technology. How much better is HDTV? Perhaps you mean how much sharper? Regular television is called analog TV. it is the stuff that we have been watching since the 1950s. The resolution on an analog television broadcast is 640 x 480 pixels, much smaller than most computer monitors these days. A HGTV program comes through at a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, about six times as sharp. You can see an obvious difference … Continue reading

How the Government is Making Sure You Don’t Miss Your Favorite TV Shows

If you get your weekly dose of “Desperate Housewives,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “The Office” on an older TV that is not hooked up to cable or satellite, be aware–beginning February 18, 2009–you will no longer receive a picture. That’s the date the television industry will officially complete the transition from traditional analog broadcasting to digital. And for those of you who do not own a digital TV set (and you get your programming via over-the-air antennas) that’s the date you will no longer be able to view your favorite shows—-UNLESS you have a converter box. (If you have satellite or … Continue reading

TV Turn-Off Week

Mark your calendar for April 23rd. TV-Turn Off Week begins on this date and it’s a great time for families to start limiting the amount of time they watch TV. If you can unplug your sets and survive for a week, then maybe you can survive without TV most days. TV is not an evil monster, if we watch it in moderation. However, many kids spend too much time plunked in front of the TV. When I was a kid, we spent more time outside playing or inside reading and doing other things. Of course, we didn’t have cable or … Continue reading

Our New Satellite TV Service is Great!

You may have read my other article, Satellite TV, which was a bit of a rant about our previous service. Well, we recently signed with DirecTV, and so far, we love it. Not only did we get free installation in four rooms, a free DVR, a free portable DVD player (after rebate), and a $100 rebate (which will take $10 off our next ten billing statements) but we also receive great programming that includes many more channels than the other service provided. The best part is that it’s only costing us about five bucks more than the previous service, and … Continue reading

Satellite TV

Does satellite television live up to the hype? For some, the answer is an emphatic yes. My family was thrilled when we first obtained a satellite and over 100 channels to choose from, especially since we had only been able to receive one station with fuzzy reception up until that time. The Ozarks are beautiful, but these hills don’t make for great TV, radio, or cell phone signals. We were very pleased with our programming and service from DISH. We added a package that included the networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. It cost a few dollars more, but we felt … Continue reading