Money Saving Meals for Busy Families

Busy families shouldn’t miss out on the savings just because they have little time to cook. Home cooked meals are one of the best ways to save on the food bill. With a little knowledge, you can spend very little to cook at home, no matter how hectic your life is. Here is how. Crockpot Recipes I’m convinced that the crockpot must have been invented by a busy mom. If you don’t have this little appliance, run out right now and get one. Don’t worry about the expense. You can pick your first one up for a few dollars at … Continue reading

Four Strategies that Will Reduce Car Costs

When you budget your auto-related and transportation costs, are you including everything? There is the cost of the car itself, the monthly loan or lease payment, plus insurance, maintenance costs, and gas of course. Here are four strategies that you can use, covering each of those areas, to lower these costs, from beginning to end. Saving on Car Payments If you are considering the purchase or lease of a new car, review your options carefully. This is where you can save the bulk of your money. Really think about saving up to purchase a car with cash, if you can. … Continue reading

Staples Has a Back to School Savings Pass

The brand new school year will be starting in late August or early September of 2011. It might seem as though that is still very far away, when you look at the calendar. Can your budget handle the extra expenses that appear when school starts? Save some money by getting the Back to School Savings Pass from Staples. By the end of the Summer, many parents are anxiously looking forward to when school will start again. You love your kids, but sometimes, after too many hours of extended contact, every parent needs a break. If you are a stay at … Continue reading

Drive Safe & Save With State Farm

State Farm has a brand new program called Drive Safe & Save. Those who use this program have the potential to save money on their car insurance premiums, based on how many, or how few, miles they drive. In order to take part in this program you either need to get OnStar, or you need to self report how many miles you drive. State Farm isn’t the first insurance company to offer what is essentially a “pay as you go” type of program. Progressive has a program called Snapshot which is available for consumers in most, if not all, states. … Continue reading

Try These Gas Saving Tips

Are high gas prices driving you crazy? In Spring Lake, Michigan the record number of illegal drive offs drove one gas station attendant to take matters into her own hands. The 21-year-old Michigan woman told police that she thought she’d be able to stop a fuel thief by jumping into his car, but her plan didn’t exactly work out the way she planned. The feisty gas station clerk says she had seen the same motorist leave the Spring Lake gas station twice last week without paying. The third time he attempted to gas and go she reportedly wrote down his … Continue reading

More Cause Celeb—Anderson’s Selling Her Viper and Ford’s Saving the Tiger

Not again… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) poster girl Pamela Anderson is once again making headlines for her unique approach to raising funds for the animal rights charity. Yes, the buxom “Baywatch” babe, who is now fully aware that the fashionable sheepskin boots she wore for decades actually came from real live sheep, is on her soapbox once again. This time she is encouraging animal lovers to follow her lead and rummage through their homes, sell unwanted items, and give the money to PETA. The actress turned magician’s helper recently held a huge estate sale at her … Continue reading

Car Payments

Are car payments eating up your wallet? The cost of two car loans can often be as much as your mortgage. Is it really worth your money to have two newer cars? A friend of mine was recently explaining how she wanted to quit work and be home more with her kids, but she simply couldn’t afford it. We started talking about some of her large expenses and she proceeded to tell me that her loan payments for her two newer cars exceeded $700. Then, adding in car insurance and registration fees, she was paying out almost $1000 a month … Continue reading

Saving For a Car to Drive Later

My hubby’s truck has over 150,000 miles on it and we have to start thinking about getting him a new one. He’s been mentally shopping for new trucks in his head for a while now, but says he can drive the one he has two more years. I hope that is true. It is fun to drive a clean new car, but in actuality I’d rather spend money traveling, or on our home instead of on a car. In time though, we’ll have to cough up some moeny and make that big purchase. This time when he buys a truck … Continue reading

Saving on Gas With Prices On the Rise (part two)

Continuing the article Saving On Gas With Prices On the Rise (part one) , I have included many more tips from various sources. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, but they are worth repeating! Especially lately with a gallon of gas in our area ranging from $2.95-$3.10. Absolutely crazy! Combine daily errands into one weekly trip, including getting gas if necessary. If you usually have to make quick trips to the store for bread or milk, buy enough to get you through the week. If you run out of milk often, because with our nice large family we do, consider … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning The Files

In the middle of all this spring cleaning don’t forget your home office and all the paperwork that accumulates in there. I try to clean my files at tax time, save what I need and purge what I don’t. Even with the best of intentions the filing cabinet is still busting at the seams before I know it. To really clean things out and get a handle on the paper mess you should have a good shredder and a fireproof box. A bank safety deposit box is great for storing important documents but you can’t always get to them when … Continue reading