Target has “Dollar Power” Savings This Week

Want to get some great deals at Target? Check out their weekly ad before you visit the store or shop online. It is a great place to find featured coupons and many special deals and offers. Here is a quick look at the “good stuff” that is in this week’s ad from Target. Don’t miss the “Dollar Power” savings! Target has three coupons for bug repellant. They are: Raid has a coupon that will save you $1.00 when you buy a Raid Bug Barrier starter kit. Raid has a coupon that will save you $0.50 when you buy 1 select … Continue reading

De-Cluttering Our House Has Lead to Saving Money

One of the lovely consequences of doing a huge de-clutter of our home and living with less is that we are actually saving more money! That is right, there is more money at the end of each month, despite rising food and gas prices. How is this possible? Well, analyzing things lately, here are some of the contributing factors and the connections that I can see from our budget since we have been de-cluttering, including some things that will be with us long-term. Bigger Tax Refund All of the donations that we made were itemized and served as charitable deductions, … Continue reading

Innovative Ways to Save on Toys

Children can outgrow their toys very quickly. Don’t spend money on new toys unnecessarily. Here are some innovative ways that you can provide your children with creative, educational and time-occupying toys on a budget. Check Toys Out from a Toy Library Toy libraries are popping up all over the country. These libraries lend out top-rated toys, puzzles and games, as well as host play events for families. Toy libraries save parents from spending a lot of money on toys while making sure that kids don’t get bored. To locate a toy library near you, visit the Toy Library Association online. … Continue reading

How My Laundry Baskets Save Money

Who would have known that a little thing such as a laundry basket could save you money? My laundry baskets save me money both on a daily basis and on special occasions. Here is how. Saving Money While Traveling To save on the cost of water, snacks and meals on the road, I load up on supplies and place them in a large laundry basket. The basket fits perfectly in the back of the car, and the wide profile means that we can see what is available. There are no more unexpected food stops when we are traveling by car. … Continue reading

Money-Saving Mom Moves

School starts here in just a few weeks. Never mind that Target and Wal-Mart erected their school supply displays on the day after Fourth of July. “Mommy, is summer over?” my 7-year-old asked as we strolled by the cases of new pencils, pens and binders on JULY 5th. For weeks, I’ve resisted going near those aisles. I’m dreading having to dig deep to purchase all new supplies, plus uniforms, shoes, and the 17,000 other accessories that students need to tackle a new academic year. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to snap out of my denial phase pretty soon. Sure, my … Continue reading

Avoiding Money Traps

I’m addicted to these things, but at nearly $10 per box, I can’t afford to purchase them on a regular basis. Not just because they put a strain on my grocery bill, but if I ate as many as I wanted, I’d have to shell out additional money to purchase new pants. Mini donuts = money trap… but a dang fine tasting money trap. Thinking before you buy an item is a sure-fire way to avoid money traps. Exercise conscious spending. Before you fill fridge with cinnamon goodness or your den with pricey electronics or your kid’s room with a … Continue reading

Saving Money On Stuff For The Kids

Having children costs quite a bit of money. However, many of the costs associated with raising children are things that we have at least some control over. From big things like whether and how often to place your child in child care to the little things (which can really add up) like where and how you purchase clothes, toys, and other things that your children need, it is definitely worth taking a little time to evaluate what you are currently doing and see whether there are some money saving changes that you could make to ease the strain on your … Continue reading

Time Savings Tips to Prep Your House for Baby

Getting ready for a baby in your home involves more than just baby-proofing. Sure, locking away dangerous cleaners, protecting electrical outlets and blocking stairs are all good ideas, but you will discover that adding convenience for your sake will help you keep your sanity. Taking care of a baby takes up a lot of time, so anything you can do now that can save you time later will make mommy-hood that much easier. 1. Cut down on the time it takes to clean your hardwood, tile or linoleum floors by investing in a quality steam mop, if you don’t already … Continue reading

Choosing Good Value Toys This Holiday

When you are deciding which toys to buy your kids this holiday season, it helps to keep three things in mind. You want toys that have a long play value, toys that educational or enriching, and toys that are inexpensive. The trick is to find toys that have all three attributes. And let us add a fourth attribute: toys that are safe. The good news is that this year, it may just be the best year to find the toys you want for you kids at the lowest prices. In fact, you may even want to stock up for gifts … Continue reading

How to Spend Less on Toys 2

Take a look around your home right now and see what toys you have. If you are a grandparent and don’t have any toys in your home, think about all of the toys you might have purchased for those special kids. Add the cost of them up in your mind. An estimation is fine. Are your surprised by how much you have spent? The cost of toys is usually more than we realize. But rather than deprive your children of a fun childhood filled with toys, why not employ some strategies that will help you extend the life of those … Continue reading